Payroll Module Primary School /Upper Primary School

 Special Notice for Payroll Module for Primary School /Upper Primary School of basic Shiksha parishad | PS / UPS  salary Deails | Manav Sampda Ehrms  Portal

 From the month of April, the school whose attendance has not been locked till the 25th, the salary of that school will not be able to be made.

The attendance of the employees working at the block/district level must also be filled by the 25th only with the personal ID of any employee working there. Otherwise, the salary of the employees whose attendance is not locked in the said month will not be issued from the payroll module. can be done.

  If the pending leave of any one is saved by the headmaster of the school, then the salary of the said employee will be stopped for that day of the said month.

  If wrong authorize leave has been filled by a headmaster, then its amendment can be done at block level from 26th to 28th, but amendment in the  leave will not be possible.

  In the event of not locking the attendance with the block level office admin while doing all the matching and amendments by the 28th of the month, the salary of all the block employees of the said month will not be made.

 Instructions to the Accounts Office Before processing the salary of any block, check the form 9 report whether the block has locked its attendance or not. If the attendance is not locked, then first lock the attendance and only then process the salary.

After processing the salary, generate all types of bills and download them and check them thoroughly. If any error is showing, delete process Salary data and make corrections, and process celery again.

Lock the salary data only after you are completely satisfied. Because it will not be possible to unlock the bill from NIC level.

First salary of assistant teacher of primary school of UP 2022

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