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 Registration of children / DBT related year 2022-23 registration on Prerna Portal

 In the session 2022-23, if the registration of new students has been done through the teacher's login on the Prerna portal, then their registration will not be done through Prerna DBT App.

 If the registration of new students has not been done in any case, then the registration of those students will be done either through Prerna DBT App or Prerna Portal (Teacher Login), both will not be done.

See the registration and necessary rules of new children on Prerna App and Prerna Portal.

Problem: According to you the spelling should be different whereas in Aadhar it is different, like the spelling of the image is Chavi in ​​Aadhar card whereas according to you it is not correct?

Solution: There is no problem with spelling error. In SR register, the name is written in Hindi, whereas for Aadhaar verification, the name has to be filled in English. Therefore, the same spelling as in the Aadhar card has to be mentioned on the Prerna portal at the time of verification.

Problem: The class wise or actual/correct age of the child is recorded in the SR register, while the age in Aadhaar is too low or too high?

Solution: No cutting or overwriting is to be done in SR register. If the child's date of birth, name, parent's name, etc. details are wrong in the Aadhar card, then through the Aadhaar kits available at the BRC or other Aadhar center, get the details of the date of birth in the Aadhar corrected.

Problem: If the name, date of birth etc. is wrongly entered in the SR Register (like there is less than 1 year difference in the date of birth of 2 children of the same parent)?

Solution: A separate check-SR register for DBT related work can be made and the correct details of the child along with the SR No can be recorded in it, based on sufficient evidence available. You can reference the same in the SR register.

Problem: How to register the children left out from the previous year's registration on the portal?

Solution: The class of the child left out from the previous year's registration has to be kept the same, but all his details have to be entered on the Prerna portal as per the details in the SR register.

Problem: Can I enroll my child if he does not have Aadhaar?

Solution: Yes, it can be verified after registration, and can be made later, but keep in mind that, if you do not verify the child with Aadhar card later, then he will get session benefit (Amount of DBT etc.) Therefore, the Aadhaar of every child registered with you is now 100% necessary for DBT or DBT.

Problem: Should the child's aadhaar be verified only after the guardian's aadhar is included, later or at the time of new registration?

Solution: No, only the mother or father of the child will verify the Aadhaar, if the child's mother / father is not alive, then in that case you will take a certificate to this effect from the village head or councilor, only then you will verify the guardian's aadhar.

Note: You cannot make a fresh enrollment until all the children of the previous session are verified/deleted.


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