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 Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation UPSRTC operates a good scheme for passengers traveling in roadways buses of Uttar Pradesh. In this, you can make a monthly pass and travel for free. The name of this service is MST and it is a very good plan for daily travelers. In this, you can free travel inside the city or outside the city under the city pass.

Although MST is made in the roadways office, but now MST is providing pass roadways online. You can get your pass by visiting the link given below. That is, now you do not have to stand on the counter and make a line to get MST pass.

Most students and staff apply to get MST pass. A considerable amount is run in almost inhabited cities. City buses are scheduled on different routes.

Thousands of students and officials make this pass. This saves the students fares and they can travel as much as they like. City bus fare is prescribed for the minimum ₹ 300 and maximum ₹ 600 distance to make MST pass.

It also has to pay a registration fee of ₹ 50 to be built and at the same time it has to be renewed on a limited time. If you do not renew, you have to pay an additional registration fee of ₹ 50. Often when we go to make it offline, due to the negligence of the employees, we have to give a lot of time and also have to be in line, due to which there is a lot of problem. To diagnose the same, the UP State Road Transport Corporation has started an online facility to make MST pass.

We will give you complete information here so that you can get your MST pass.

The Transport Corporation has resumed the old manual MST system for daily commuters by prohibiting smart cards. It will be released for 100 km and the passenger will be charged for 18 days. At the same time, students will be able to travel up to 60 km per day.



S.No.   Monthly Pass

            Selected routes in each region on which passes are issued.

            Information of routes available at concerned Regional Office.

            Passes Valid for a month.

            Pass rates are fare charges for 30 trips journey and allows travel for 60 trips per month. 25 trips fare charged for students but limited to 35 kms.



S.No.   Period Concession (%)

            2 months         8%

            3 months         10%

            6 months         15%

            1 year  20%



Alambagh Bus Station

Charbagh Bus Station

Munshi Pulia, Indira Nagar

Regional Manager Office, Sapru Marg

Gomti Nagar Depot

And all other District Depot


UPSRTC Smart Card System MST Pass Online registration Link Up Roadways



(Except Noida & Greater Noida)



City Buses 
(Validity 1 month)

upto class-x

Students Above 
class-x but upto 
21 yrs. Age

Senior Citizens 
more than 65 yrs. Age

Other Adults

0 - 10 Kms

` 150.00

` 180.00

` 265.00

` 290.00

11 - 15 kms

` 180.00

` 210.00

` 340.00

` 360.00

More than 15 kms

` 220.00

` 240.00

` 410.00

` 435.00

All Routes

` 270.00

` 300.00

` 510.00

` 540.00

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