Up emergency services Help Line Number 112 Police, Medical, Fire, Women Girl Safety

 The Uttar Pradesh government has issued only one number combining emergency services. Now you can get all emergency services by dialing 112. If you also want to help others, then you can definitely use these numbers for emergency services.

For emergency services, you must add the number 112 to your phone.

The following services will be available on 112 number

  • police aid
  • in case of fire
  • medical emergency
  • Help for children/elderly
  • natural calamity
  • Domestic Violence / Women's Aid
  • Platform/Train Assistance
  • Expressway / Highway Safety

any emergency pick up the phone and dial 112

Other Ways to Help Through Social Networks

Facebook - @112Uttar Pradesh

whatsapp number +91-7570000100

Uttar Pradesh Police Twitter @112Uttar Pradesh

Message +91-7233000100


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