Cyber Bank Fraud New Helpline No - Get Your money back with this Phone No

 If money has stolen from your bank account or has been deducted or transferred to another place, then the government will get this money back to you. Police will freeze this amount through the bank. This facility will be available by making just one call. That is, you can get the full money back again, if you are a victim of cyber fraud, now you can get your money back by dialing 155260 immediately.

In cases of cyber bank fraud, now the victim will not have to run much to get back his hard earned money. Now you will be able to save your cheated amount by just making a phone call. The way has been made easy by the police. Complaints regarding cyber bank fraud can now be made on the helpline number 155260 in the state.

UP Police's cyber crime national helpline number 155260 has been directly connected to emergency service 112. If now cyber criminals steal from someone and the stolen amount has been sent to any bank account, the police will freeze that amount in the account itself with the help of the concerned bank, so that the victim will be able to get it back with the help of his bank. According to officials, if the stolen amount is withdrawn in cash, then it cannot be recovered through this medium.

ADG Cyber ​​Crime Ram Kumar said that the national helpline number 155260 issued under the Central Government's scheme Citizen Financial Fraud Reporting System has been linked to 112 in the state. Now if a person was cheated by cyber, then that person can call this number within 24 hours. Calls made on this number will be directly connected to 112 and will be received by call center employee of 112. The call taker will immediately enter that details in the form available on the cyber portal along with taking information about the fraud with the person concerned. As soon as the form is filled, an alert will reach the bank in whose account the fraudulent amount has been deposited. The nodal officer of the bank will freeze the amount in the concerned account after the alert is received. That means then cyber criminal will not be able to withdraw that amount.

The ADG said that if the amount has been sent from one bank account to another bank account, then the concerned bank will send an alert to the other bank and freeze the amount in that account as well.

Similarly, if the fraudsters send the amount to any e-wallet, Paytm PhonePe or any other such account, even then that amount will be frozen in the account. Along with this, the details of that account will also be made available to the aggrieved person. Victims will then be able to get back the cheated amount with the help of the officials of their bank branch.

Complaint has to be made within 24 hours, this number has been added from UP 112.

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