Dial 1090 for Women, Girls safety UP Police help No Shakti1090 App

State government of Uttar pradesh Launched free police helpline Toll Fee no for women , girls of Uttar pradesh . Now all girls , women can complaint regarding any type of misbehave, sexual harassment etc . if you also facing problem by any person, in any place then Dial 1090 for instant police Help . State Police UP, will immediately will provide police help regarding any concerned.  It is a one state-one-number service to handle cases of harassment by vulgar and abusive callers and stalkers in Uttar Pradesh, India.

1090 women power line was launched by chief minister of uttar on 15 November 2012 for prod of catastrophic phone calls and activity done by vagabond type of boys. More then 3 lakh 86 thousands complaint has been registered by the girls on this Phone line.  Approximately more then 2 lakh 82 thousand harassment matter have been disposed by the police.
Initially, the Powerline is handling cases only of lewd, objectionable and obscene phone calls/texts and picture messages. But as the staff increases, cases of harassment/blackmailing on internet and physical stalking/eve teasing at public places would also be taken up.
Important Features of 1090 -Women Powerline:
Victim callers are assured of anonymity.
No Need to visit any police station or office to lodge a complaint or show up for hearing
Phone call will be attended by lady police officers,
Until and unless the problem is solved, police will keep in touch with victim, at least for a month,
Phone No. 1090 will be applicable for the whole state of Uttar Pradesh
women can lodge their other complaints, like प्रताड़ना   too on this Powerline.

How it works

Within 24 hours, location of caller is identified.  Thereafter he is counseled properly either on phone or advised to call on the officer of Powerline.  Feedback is obtained within 24 to 48 hours from the complainant. After 7 days and 30 days further feedback are  obtained. After 40 days case is closed.

What to do to avoid such nuisance:
1. Do not write your number of shop keepers in their register while recharging.
2. Instead of E-top, recharge voucher should be used.
3. Do not hand over your phone to strangers.
4. Avoid replying to missed call.

Government also launched Women Security App 1090 in 2014. this app is available with the name of Shakti 1090 on Google play store.
For sending your complaint through app just download this app from here

After that enter your phone no, Name , Date of birth and place. After that police will contact you.

Important Feature of this aap as are following
Shakti1090 is smart personal security app for women initiated by the Uttar Pradesh police . this app Generate 2 type of  alert (panic button) on the application, they are:
1. Family alert: Raising this alert will notify via text message your guardians (trusted contacts) saved by you on the application. If the guardian has the same application, a siren will sound on his/her device when you raise an alert. The location of the user and the guardian will also be displayed on a map, In case the guardian does not have the same application a text message with a link to the user’s location will be sent along with provision for viewing the alert data.
2. Police alert: Raising this alert will immediately notify the nearest police station on their Eyewatch Emergency Response control centre (ERCC ) as well as the guardians of the user. The ERCC will display your location along with the alert data. The police will also have the capability to track location once you raise an alert. Features of Shakti1090:
1. On initiating an alert the application will automatically send the location of the user to the guardians or police with auto update every 2 minutes.
2. On initiating an alert the application automatically records and sends 20 seconds of video thereafter continuously records and sends audio loop of 30 seconds until the alert is deactivated.
3. When a police alert is raise the distress text message (SMS) goes to the nearest police station in the vicinity of the user.
4. The guardians on receiving the distress text message can accept or deny it. On accepting the distress text message the guardian is classified as responder and his/her location and location of the user is displayed on the map with tracking capability.
5. The user can view the nearest police station along with the telephone numbers in the application.

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