Madrasa Teacher Transfer Promotion News Update Application Form Notification Registration

 Madrasa Teacher Transfer Promotion News Update Application Form Notification Registration

 The government of Uttar Pradesh is also going to provide transfer facility to madrasa teachers. Madrasa teachers will be given the benefit of transfer by amending the madrasa manual. A total of more than 9 thousand teachers are working in 558 subsidized madrasas in the state. Like basic, secondary teachers, now Madarsa teachers will also be given the benefit of transfer, for this the process of amending the madrasa manual is going to be done by the Uttar Pradesh government. Such provisions will be made in the rules so that arbitrariness of madrasa managers can be curbed, along with the state government is also considering to recruit teachers in madrasa from the selection commission.

There are a total of 558 subsidized madrasas in the state, out of which around 9000 teachers are currently working. Uttar Pradesh private Arabic Persian madrasa recognition administration and service rules are applicable for madrasas. The state government is going to amend this manual as per the new education policy. At present, there is no system for transfer of madrasa teachers. Teachers retire from the same madrasa where they get jobs. After the amendment in the manual, teachers will also get the facility of mutual transfer. In many cases, the managing committee also takes action against the teachers arbitrarily alleging indiscipline, and the government will be able to curb this after amending the rules. Due to the dispute of the managers, sometimes the salary of teachers is also stopped. This problem will also be resolved after amending the manual. In such a situation, the District Minorities Welfare Officer will provide salary to the madrasa teachers. The government is also making rules for the recruitment of madrasa teachers. Currently hiring is done through managers. After the amendment, teachers will be recruited from the Selection Commission. What is the commission for recruitment will be considered. Rules will be made for teachers to get study leave, to promote them. Many amendments are being made to increase sports activity in Madrasa and to make Madrasa teachers more relevant.

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  1. I'm a Madarsa teacher in primary section as a Tahtaniya tracher.
    My job location is 103 Km away from my home. I'm facing family problem but there is no chance to take transfer in my home district.
    Please raise my issue to administration officer of minority officer /head.