Download madarsa ncert books taitaniya faukaniya aaliyah UP

The government of Uttar Pradesh is going to start teaching with NCERT books in madrasas located in Uttar Pradesh very soon. Madrasas will now be trained in NCERT books. Free books will be distributed to children in all 560 subsidized madrasas of Uttar Pradesh. Government's intention of studying NCERT syllabus in madrasas is going to be fulfilled after 2 years.
Books of NCERT are being implemented in madrasas recognized by Madrasa Education Council. All students studying in Madrasas, students can now get training from NCERT books. NCERT books of Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Urdu, History Geography will be distributed in all these madrasas.
The state government has approved to study from class 1 to class 5, Faukania class 5 to class 8 and to study in NCERT books in madrasas at the level of Aaliyah or higher Aaliyah.
Education of Hindi, English, Mathematics and Social Sciences is being imparted to the children of Taitania, Faukania from the books of Basic Education Council. For this, Basic Education Department is being provided free of cost under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
Many science and computer history geography, included as an option in Aliya and higher level madrasas, has been applied as a compulsory subject.
All subjects except English in Hindi will be in Urdu so that the justification of the board remains with the strengthening of Urdu.

Download NCERT Book for Madrasas

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