primary school chayan vetanman Rules PS/UPS UP Basic Siksha, Madhyamik School

 The Principal Secretary, Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh has issued a mandate on December 20, 2001 regarding the approval of the selection pay scale-promoted pay scale to the teachers of the primary and secondary educational institutions of the state.

Governor is pleased to approve the selection of such teachers of Basic Education and Secondary Education, who have been appointed on or after July 01, 2001, after considering the selection pay scale and promotion pay scale subject to the following conditions.

(a) Selection Pay Scale for Basic Education - Rules of Promotion Pay Scale

(1) On completion of satisfactory service of 10 years in the ordinary pay scale to the primary teachers, the selection pay scale will be promoted.

(2) After satisfactory completion of 12 years in the selection scale, the promoted pay scale will be payable to the extent of 20 percent of the number of holders of the selection scale.

(3) A selection committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of the Basic Education Officer once in every year to make the promotion pay scale, which will give its recommendation after considering the suitability of the teachers. On the basis of which the promotion pay scale will be approved by the appointing officer.

(4) The above action will also be adopted in relation to primary school teacher, headmaster, primary school and headmaster upper primary school working under basic education.

(5) If the number of posts for sanctioning the promotion pay scale is less and the number of eligible candidates is more, then the promotion pay scale will be approved by making a list of teachers / headmasters in order of the date of their original appointment on their posts.

परिषदीय शिक्षकों के चयन वेतनमान व प्रोन्नत वेतनमान स्वीकृत किये जाने के संबंध में मूल शासनादेश ( दिनांक 20 दिसंबर 2001)

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