SWD Bihar Old Age Pension Scheme Notification Application Form

The Social Welfare Department, Government of Bihar has started Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme. The important features of this scheme are as follows.

Amount received: 

Under this scheme B.P.L. For an elderly person in the age group of 60-79 years, Rs. 400 per month and for an old person of 80 years of age or above Rs. Pension is given at the rate of 500 per month.

The amount of pension will be sent to the beneficiary bank account through DBT

Eligibility Condition:

BPL Family members and women / men of 60 years of age and above will be covered under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme.

Application procedure:

 You have to submit the application in the prescribed application form to the concerned District Director or District Social Security Cell of your original residence. Along with the application, three photographs, certificate for confirmation of age, composite ID and BPL. The card is also to be submitted.

How to apply

For Online Application

New Pension Vs Old Pension scheme for government employee

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