10 useful tips Score Good Marks in Entrance Examination

10 useful tips Score Good Marks in Entrance Examination
  1. For Physics and Chemistry, the student must clarify their concepts and keep the basics clear.
  2. Revise the concepts in the remaining days of the month by solving sample papers and taking mock tests.
  3. As more students are from the Biology stream, one might be more inclined to study biology rather than Physics and Chemistry. But the competition is really very tough as there are a large number of candidates and very few seats for them.
  4. As each question can move you 1000 ranks above or below, it is advisable to study all the three subjects thoroughly.
  5. For Physics, the candidate should keep a formula sheet handy, for Chemistry, a sheet of equations should be ready, and for Biology, the candidate needs to prepare footnotes carrying important keywords.
    10 useful tips Score Good Marks in Entrance Examination
  6. It is a must to download previous years' questions papers and observe how the questions were asked. This will help in understanding the distribution of marks among the subjects.
  7. Solve at least past five years' papers, which will give you a good idea about questions asked in the exam.
  8. Take mock test as much you can! It is the most important and useful way to judge your preparation. Time yourself when attempting each one.
  9. Joining an institute might be best for you in order to succeed the exam.
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