UP me khatauni kaise nikale नाम से खतौनी कैसे निकाले

computerization of land records

Bhulekh web portal has been created to computerize the land records of Uttar Pradesh in such a way that day-to-day activities of land records can be streamlined. Bhulekh portal maintains the entire life cycle of Khatauni. Bhulekh Data API is the interface of land records data which provides transparency with other applications. Using Bhulekh Data API, you can view land records data, owner information of land records, land records information, etc. The web based land document system was started from 2 May 2016, which has been implemented in all the tehsils of the state.

How to get khasra khatauni sitting at home

In Uttar Pradesh, all the important documents related to land have been made online, as if you have to buy or sell any land, then you need a document, which is called Khatauni.

Khatauni is used for buying and selling of land and many other things. Your name is recorded in your land only in Khatauni. information related to the details of all the four sides of your land, length, width, quantity of land, by whom it has been bought, where it is located, what is its number every thing is mentioned in khatauni.

Whenever you are buying land, then you must check Khatauni before buying it.

Khatauni is available at your Tehsil in your district. It is found in Tehsil in the village, but is obtained from Sadar Tehsil in Cities.

To get Khatauni, you can take the help of a lawyer by going to the tehsil. But you can get it free of cost at home also.

 If you want to get the details of your land then you can get the details of your land by following the steps given below. Many people do not even know about it, that it can be obtained absolutely free.

Khasra Khatauni Map Registry is available online in Uttar Pradesh.

For land-related papers such as Khasra, Khatauni, Naksha, we can usually get it by going to the court. But you can get the details of Registry paper and land related paper online. You can also get it  by visiting Public Suvidha Kendra, Service Center, Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra.

But if you live in Uttar Pradesh then you can get it by visiting the website of Revenue Department.

Why is Khatauni needed?

  • To get the land registered
  • To get Kisan Credit Card
  • To take advantage of government schemes
  • Ownership of Land


how to get khatauni online in uttar pradesh

All the citizens of Uttar Pradesh can download their Khatauni by visiting the official website of UP Bhulekh given below.

You can withdraw your Khatauni by clicking on the link given below.

First of all you have to click on the link given below.

As soon as you click on the link, the official website of Bhulekh Khatauni of Revenue Council Uttar Pradesh will open there.

After that you will get so many facilities online, out of which you have to click on Khatauni or Copy of Rights Record.

  • online services
  • complaint registration
  • Know the status of the complaint?
  • Stamp & Registry
  • revenue suit
  •  registry office
  •  verification of certificates
  •  certify copy of khatauni

Then enter a captcha code. Like given online, if given in capital letter then fill in capital letter.

After that choose the district, choose the tehsil, choose the gram sabha,

 The name of the Gram Sabha should be filled correctly.

After that, if you know your Khasra number, then you can search from that also.

You can search by account number.

Apart from this, you can also find out by the name of the owner of your land.

When searching by name, enter only the name of the beginning.

Khatauni login. khasra login

On the day the owner's name has changed in the land or you have bought any land, then you can also search it on the basis of that day. You will have to do all this search in Hindi itself, which will not take it from the keyboard.

You can easily search your Khatauni by using the keyboard provided on the computer online.

And if you have any kind of problem then you tell us by commenting, we will try to help you.

Following Services are also Available online

Revenue Council, Uttar Pradesh

Know the code of revenue village Khatauni

Know the unique code of the plot/gate

Know the status of being litigated by land/gate

Know the status of sale of plot/gate

View copy of Khatauni (Record of Rights)

View copy of Khatauni share determination

Revenue Village Public Property

emancipated property

enemy property

political office

revenue village

public property register

Direct Link of Khatauni Download

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