High Court Decision on Old Pension for All daily wage worker 2022

 Uttar Pradesh Prayagraj Allahabad High Court has given an important decision regarding old pension. From now on daily wage workers will also be entitled to get old pension. There is a wave of happiness among the employees due to this decision.

The Uttar Pradesh High Court has said in an important decision that if the appointment of a daily wage worker has been done before the implementation of the New Pension Scheme NPS, even if it has been regularized after the introduction of the New Pension Scheme. He will be entitled to get old pension.

UPHC said that the date of appointment is effective for giving pension and retirement benefits. The appointment of the employee will be considered from the date on which he has joined the job.

 Justice Saral Srivastava has given this order on the petition of Kamaluddin, an employee of Municipal Corporation Prayagraj.

The question that came up for consideration on the court was whether an employee who was regularized in service after April 1, 2005, would be considered entitled for old pension. The employee was appointed as a daily wage worker only in 1989, but was regulated in 2008. Whereas from April 2005, the old pension scheme has been abolished by the government. In such a situation, the department did not consider him entitled to get old pension.

New Pension Vs Old Pension scheme for government employee

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