Old Pension GPF Facility for New Employee- Good News -Central State Government 2022

Very good news is coming for the central government and state government employees. Personnel working in the central government will get an opportunity to choose either the old pension or the new pension NPS. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the central government employees with this news. This scheme has not yet been implemented by the state government, but we will inform you as soon as it is implemented by the state government. Central government employees can choose one of the old pension or new pension. You have to choose either of these two pensions by 31 May 2022. The government has extended the last date for availing the lump sum option for Central Government employees to get the coverage of CCS Pension Rules 1972 in place of National Pension System NPS. The new revised date has now been set to 31 May 2022.


To whom will this pension apply

This will apply to employees who were elected before 1 January 2000, but have joined after 1 January 2004. In the recruitment, Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare has also issued a notification for this information. For more information, you can get more information regarding this by clicking on the link given below.


Important dates

1. Option exercised by Government servant for coverage under Old Pension Scheme.

● 17 February 2020: Last date mentioned in 31.05.2020

Revised Deadline: 31.05.2021


2. Examination and decision on representation by the appointing authority

● Last date is mentioned in 17 February, 2020: 30.09.2020 ohms.

Revised Deadline: 30.09.2021


3. Closure of NPS accounts of Government employees on acceptance of their option

● The last date is mentioned in February 17, 2020: 01.11.2020

Revised Deadline: 01.11.2021


All such personnel who want to take advantage of the old pension can apply by 5 May 2021. Employees who do not apply will continue to benefit from the new pension scheme. The scheme is currently implemented only for employees who have been appointed between 1 January 2004 and 28 October 2009.

On this decision, experts say that the new pension is a better scheme than the old pension. After retirement in this scheme, the family members also get security.


Who will get the benefit of pension scheme

Only those who were appointed before January 1, 2009, they will get the benefit of this scheme.

Employees who have resigned from the pensioner's department of the state government and got a job in the central government pension fund Bhogi Central Organization


Know about the new pension scheme

The National Pension System NPS NSDL has launched the scheme for people between the ages of 18 to 60 years. Accounts can be opened in all government and private banks. This is applicable to all working personnel and non-working personnel.

Everyone can avail this exemption under section 80ccd.

Salaried employees can deposit 10% of their salary in the account till now.

You can get more information about pension by clicking on the link given below.

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