What will your Pension in NPS after Retirement Calculate Here New Pension Scheme Return

As we all know that the new pension scheme has been implemented by the state government and the central government for all government employees. There are some advantages of the New Pension Scheme NPS, there are some disadvantages as well. If there is some disadvantage, then the benefit is not less than this. If we talk about its major benefits, as far as the old pension or GPF is concerned, a fixed interest rate is given to us every year by the government. But the returns in the new pension scheme are based on the market. That is, we do not have to depend on the government for the returns every year, instead it depends on the reasons of the market.
If we look at the record of previous years, the stock market has given a return of about 12% per annum. So accordingly we can also estimate that at the rate of 12% per annum, we will get our returns in the New Pension Scheme. Whereas in GPF only 8% returns are being given by the government and which are being continuously reduced. GPF returns have been steadily decreasing over the years. Even PPF returns have been reduced significantly. So in such a situation the government is eliminating more things, ending subsidies, after a few days it may be that the GPF will reduce the interest rate so much that it does not make any sense. Better than that is the new pension in which the Return depends on the reasons of the market.
One major drawback of the new pension scheme is that the final pension will be made at your total amount, whereas in the old one, your pension in the pension was made up to half of the last salary, then if the government improves it then definitely the scheme is old pension It will be better than that.
We are providing you a calculator here with the help of which you can make an estimate of the potential return of the new pension.
Here, if you assume that in the next 12 years, if the return of 12% continues even further, then how much your maturity amount will be received.
That is why I would like to advise all of you that if your new pension is not being deducted, then immediately start by asking the government, asking your department to get it deducted.
Returns will be received in future, but the biggest loss in the immediate case is that the amount of money deducted from your salary in the new pension is deposited in your account as much as the government. If you do not get a new pension, then the government does not have to deposit that amount in your share, that is, you get less salary. So immediately start getting your new pension deducted and you can find out the amount of your pension using the calculator given below


NPS Calculator




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Interest Earned:

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