How to fill Income Tax Full Guide For Primary School Teacher/ Government Employee UP ITR

 See the full information of how the primary school teacher filled his income tax.

 For the teachers, headmasters, instructors (Anudeshak), Shiksha Mitra, etc. working in the primary school/ upper Primary School, filling the ITR every year is very hard work. Often he gets his ITR from a cyber cafe or a friend. But due to lack of information, their ITR is often filled incorrectly. They have to bear the brunt of this later. Once you learn to fill your ITR by yourself, you will not need any help of any kind. Apart from this, you will also save money. Together you will fill your ITR exactly.

Here we will tell you about how the teachers working in primary school (Prathmik Vidyalay of Basic shiksha Parishad) can fill their ITR in a very general way. Hope this information is very important for you. Let's know a few things first


Aagdak form (Calculation sheet)

The Aagdak Praptra is provided to you by your department in the month of March. Under this, the department takes all the details related to you, such as how much salary is made, GPF or how much money has been deposited in NPS, and gives you the details. The income tax assessment form is provided to you by the department in the month of March.


Form 26as

After that your salary and other details are remitted by the Basic Education Department to Income Tax. Then we see all these details in 26 AS. You can see this by logging on to the Income Tax website online. On 26as it shows how much salary the department has given you and how much tax you have deducted from your salary and deposited the income tax. You can find these details online.


Form 16

Form 16 is provided to you by the department. It is normally provided to you in July-August. In this, the data provided by the department related to the salary you save, tax deducted from your salary. With his help you pay income tax.


What to do if there is a difference between salary and tax in Form 16 and Form 26as

There are often mistakes in Form 16 and Form 26as and both of you have a salary mismatch. That is, the salary received in both Form 16 and Form 26as and tax deducted from your salary in both should be the same but there is often a lot of irregularity in it. In that case, you have to give an application to the Basic Education Department to correct it.

Often in 26as your salary looks low and tax is low. This means that the department has not shown the amount you have paid and the amount deducted from your salary online. Nobody knows why this happens till today.

So whenever you fill the ITR, always fill it on the basis of 26AS because if you will show your salary less and the tax deduction will also show less, it may face problems in the coming time.

Try to match the data of Form 16 Form 26as. If the match is not happening then you pay your income tax from 526.


What is financial year FY and assessment year AY

Earnings in a financial year are taxed in the next financial year. Simply put, the year you earn is called Financial Year, the next year when you pay tax, it is called Assessment Year for that year.   

Understand this by example


The tax of that earnings which you earned in the financial year 2021-22 will be assessed in 2021-22 will be the financial year and 2022- 23 will be called its assessment year.

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