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Chhattisgarh State Government has started a new scheme in the event of school closure; its name is padhaai tuhar para. Under which all types of study material are being made available to all the students and their online now. Coronavirus has significantly changed the level of teaching.

booklet have published in padhaai tuhar para, teachers as well as the educated section of the society have understood the responsibility of the education of children, and have become involved in this work as teacher charioteer. Children of more than one class and one level are studying together, following the instructions of prevention of coronavirus in the transmitted classes in Para Mohalla.

A guide has also been released in the teaching of padhaai tuhar para, which discusses very good results teaching, peer learning, teachers' efficiency activity based teaching, where did the children learn how much difficulty they had in understanding a concept? Work is being done on Along with this, attention is also being paid to learning income in place of books in the center of studies. We currently have many questions in our mind, you can find answers to those questions in this guide.


Hot To get Registration on padhaai tuhar para website

You can register yourself by visiting the Chhattisgarhi school website. After that you have to enter your school education and enter your mobile number and your child will be registered.


Other Facility Provided on this website

in addition to school education, services are also being provided for college education, along with the CGSchool app has also been launched. Apart from this, helpline number is also working, on which you can learn by calling.

 A lot of school education related videos, audio and content have been uploaded on this website. Also, many school education, course material and PDF files have been uploaded.


Free Book Download of CG Board and NCERT

You can also download NCERT books from here and an attempt has been made to cover all the things that come up during studies on this website.

Therefore, you also want that if your child's education is not disturbed, then you must definitely check this website. Along with this, you can see the Chhattisgarh Board's book here and can also buy. One must visit this website once.


The link to the official website of the Government of Chhattisgarh is given below. 

सिविल सोसाइटी (NGO)
खबर - पढ़ई तुंहर दुआर
पढ़ई तुंहर पारा अपलोड गतिविधियाँ

हेल्प लाइन नं. 0771-2443696 सुबह 10 से शाम 5 केवल कार्य दिवस में
पढ़ई तुँहर पारा | CGSchool App | Bultu App | आकलन संदर्शिका

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