life certificate for up government pensioners online download pdf registration last date 2020

 There is a good news coming for the pension holders residing in Uttar Pradesh. The pensioner of the Uttar Pradesh government will not have to go to the treasury to give proof of his survival. Pension holders will now be able to give their survival certificate online. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed the Finance Department to simplify the system of giving life certificates of pension holders. The Finance Department should ensure that the pensioner does not have to visit the treasury again and again and there should be no problem.

Through the new system, the pension holders can easily present the life certificate at their home or from the common service, center and they will continue to receive the pension easily. The Chief Minister also said that by developing this process, it should be widely publicized. The Chief Minister said that pensioners are senior citizens. They have to go to the bank treasury or other office to present a life certificate. It is inconvenient to perform this operation. Therefore, pension holders can submit life certificates online.

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Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners.

Get a Certificate
Getting a digital Life certificate is hassle free and can be obtained through various Jeevan Pramaan Centres which are being operated by CSCs, Banks, Government offices or by using the client application on any PC/mobile/tablet.

Download the PC/Mobile/Tablet application to register for a Life Certificate.

Phone: 1800 111 555

SMS : JPL to 7738299899
get list of Jeevan Pramaan centre near your pincode

Life Certificate Generation
Download the PC/ Mobile application or alternatively visit the nearest Jeevan Pramaan Centre to get yourself registered.
Provide necessary information like Aadhaar number, Pension Payment Order,
Bank Account, Bank Name and your Mobile number.

Aadhaar Authentication
Provide your biometrics, either a finger print or Iris and authenticate your self.
(Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar Platform for on-line biometric authentication )

Access your Certificate
You can download a PDF copy of the certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website by providing
the Jeevan Pramaan ID.

Life Certificate.
After a successful authentication a SMS acknowledgement is sent to your mobile number including your Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID.
The certificates are stored in the Life Certificate Repository for making it available any time and any where for the pensioner and the Pension Disbursing Agency.

Pension Disbursing Agency
The Pension Disbursing Agency can access the Life Certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website, and download the same.

Electronic Delivery
The Life Certificates can also be electronically delivered to the Pension Disbursing Agency, without any manual intervention.
(Pension Disbursing Agency can get in touch with our team, to enable the e-delivery facility )

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