Government Madhyamik School Online Portal Manav Sampada Leave Application 2022

Teachers of Government Secondary School of Uttar Pradesh will also have to apply online for leave. Online system for leave is already being implemented in primary and upper primary schools of Basic Education Council. To take leave, teachers working in state secondary colleges will now have to apply online on the Manav Sampada portal. For this, preparations have also been started in the Secondary Education Department. Teacher details will be updated online. This work will be completed in 1 week.

Online leave will be sanctioned to teachers working in government secondary colleges.

All the leave of teachers such as medical leave, maternity leave, child care leave, casual leave, earned leave etc. will have to be applied online on Manav Sampada Portal.

First of all the details of all the teachers will be uploaded online. After this the verification of the feeding will be done.

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राजकीय शिक्षकों को मेडिकल अवकाश, CCL मानव सम्पदा पोर्टल पर आनलाइन स्वीकृत करने के सम्बन्ध में अपर शिक्षा निदेशक का आदेश

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