CT Nursery NTT Pre Primary School Teacher Vacancy Latest News 2022

CT Nursery NTT Pre Primary School Teacher Vacancy Latest News Today | Application Form Eligibility Criteria | CT Program | NTT Recruitment for Up Anganwadi Center 2022
Very good news is coming for the youth of Uttar Pradesh. Soon Uttar Pradesh government is going to invite applications for recruitment to the post of CT Nursery and NTT teachers. All these posts can be recruited to give pre-primary level education to children of UP. The Uttar Pradesh government is going to impart education to the primary schools as well as the pre-primary students. This education will be provided in child protection homes and at Anganwadi centers. Child protection home will also be linked to its nutrition program. Now the children of child protection homes will be given primary as well as pre-primary education. For this, the major role of Anganwadi centers will be expanded, and together the nutrition program will also be linked with Anganwadi centers.
In principle, a consensus has been reached on the proposal sent by the State Child Protection Commission to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The Chief Minister has also mentioned to increase the role of Anganwadi centers in the education of children of conservation homes. With this arrangement, the State Child Protection Commission, Basic Education Department will work in coordination. The Commission will keep an eye on the education given to the children of Anganwadi. Till now, the attendance of children in Anganwadi centers was very low due to only primary education. He said that the government is going to change the charge in this system. The Commission will monitor the education at these centers and will continuously review and send the report to the Chief Minister.
By making the Anganwadi Center a pre-primary school, the children of the village and the city will get a lot of benefit. Along with this, the youth will also get additional employment opportunities.
For many years, the posts of CT Nursery and NTT could not be admitted. Teachers will be recruited to teach at these centers. For which only CT nursery applicants will be eligible to apply. The decision of the government may pave the way for teachers pursuing nursery courses. This is a good opportunity for the nursery candidates from government-recognized institutes.
In the past years, there was a petition from the High Court to the Supreme Court for the appointment of Assistant Teacher and CT Nursery petitioners, but they could not get a job only because the UP government was not yet running the Pre Primary School, And both these degrees are valid only for teaching in pre primary school. The Chief Minister has announced to start teaching in pre primary schools from next session; obviously teachers will have to be appointed to teach children.
The youngsters doing direct nursery are optimistic from this announcement. It is expected that very soon, youth pursuing CT nursery and NTT courses will be recruited for teacher posts at pre primary schools and Anganwadi centers.
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