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 The Government of Uttar Pradesh has made all the data online of its government employees and personnel working on the post of teachers. All the work like service book, Leave, transfer, promotion, joining etc. are now being done online in many departments of Uttar Pradesh. The maximum number of personnel are under the education department in the state, in that also the most teachers work under the basic education department. In such a situation, the data of all its teachers has been made online by the Department of Basic Education, and with the help of this, online service book of all teachers has been prepared, with the help of which all types of avkash of teachers such as medical, casual leave CL, CCL, Maternity leave etc. Leave Applications are accepted online only. In which teachers have to submit their applications online, after which the concerned authorities accept or reject it.

Along with this, appointment letters of teachers and other personnel are also being issued online. Together, all the details of joining, relieving, promotion, demotion character report are being prepared online.

All the details of all such personnel who are working in different departments of Uttar Pradesh are available online. You can login by searching your details by visiting the link given below.


How do we know what is our HRMS code?

 We will try to help all those employees whose registration is on the Manav Sampada Portal Uttar Pradesh, but they do not know their EHRMS code. With the help of which you can search your HRMS code. HRMS is a code that can be used to login to Manav Sampada website. With the help of HRMS code, you can search your details by going to the link given below.

HRMS code can be searched in two ways, either you can search by entering your mobile number, or you can also search with the help of posting officer.

For example, if your mobile number is registered on the Manav Sampada Portal, put it on the link given below, then press the submit button, it will reveal your HRMS code.

  If your details are not being searched from the mobile number, then go to the link given below, where you enter your department name, organization name, posting officer and designation number together. With this, the details of all the employees working in that office are displayed online. In this way you can search the Employee Code of any of your employees,

 In addition, as soon as you know your details, you can go to the link given below and you can login by entering your user ID and password.


What to do if you do not know your password

If you do not know your password, you can also choose the option for forget password. With the help of forget password, an OTP will come to your mobile and you can reset your password from it. Also, if SMS is not coming on your mobile number, then you can select the option of Email. This will also put your OTP on the mobile email ID, and you can also set your password, and after that you can log in.

And when you know the HRMS code and password in your user ID, then go to the link given below and enter the user ID to your HRMS and you can login by entering the password.


 If you are facing any type of problem, please do not forget to comment. So that we can help you.


If you are doing in basic education, medical health family welfare, Manav sampada data of employees of almost all departments in the state, the government will upload the online data very soon. After that you can check your service book online, as well as apply online for the holiday.


You can download details of transfer, promotion etc. on manav sampada, as well as your salary slip. In addition, many facilities are being uploaded online.

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