Your Leave Balance is Nil Manav Sampada Online Application Form Error

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government has released an online leave system named Manav Sampada for all teachers working in the Basic Education Council of Uttar Pradesh. Under this, all the employees and teachers have to apply online for their leave, until now this website was not working properly, but since few days, the website of Manav Sampada has started working properly. However, there is a big problem in it that as soon as you first apply, Your leave is accepted, but after that if you want to apply for the second time, then this application is not accepted in 2nd time. When you filling the application in 2nd time, an error starts coming that your leave balance is nil,  , and after that you cannot apply. Teachers and staff have been troubled for a long time, because offline applications are not being accepted by the department, and online applications are also not being received.
When we talked to some employees, they said that it is coming because the details of the available Leave balance of employees have not been updated online yet. As soon as the employee's leave details will be updated online. In that case it will start working properly.
For example, if any general teacher gets 14 Casual Leave (CL) in 1 year, then the Leave of 14 must be updated online. Only after that you can take your leave.
This update will be done by the concerned teacher's officer. When the concerned authorities update the teachers' leave data, then you can easily take your Avakash.
Therefore, it is advisable for all teachers to first contact their Block Education Officer BEO and ask them to immediately update the related leave data of teachers on Manav Sampda so that all teachers can take their leave online in given time.
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