New Leave Rule for Teacher of Primary School, UPS Manav Sampda

 In the coming days, teachers will have to take special precautions for online leave. If they do not take leave before time, they will not get this facility. From July to September, teachers will not get leave after 8 am and from October to May 20 after 9 am. Not only this, changes are being made in the Manav Sampada portal in such a way that after this period the teachers cannot apply for leave. That is, the part of the Leave will be locked.

There will also be a facility to see the leave cases that have been approved and forwarded in future. Change is happening for this too. Information about the employees who were on medical leave in the past will also be available. It will also be known how many days he is on medical leave. In this, pending holidays at the level of District Basic Education Officer will also be shown. 

There are eight points in this on which teachers will not get leave. If these do not have attachments or are incomplete, then leave will not be given. With this, teachers will not get leave if many teachers are already on leave, have applied to wrong reporting officer, have exams, are on duty for election work or have unavoidable departmental work.

 Changes to be made in the Leave Module of Manav Sampada

Problems will increase after the new arrangement of Manav Sampda, now this work will have to be done to take leave

UP government made new standards for basic teachers' leave

Leave will not be available for these eight reasons

The Yogi government has set new standards for the leave of teachers. Now teachers will have to apply online till 8 am to take leave, if they do not do so then they will not be able to get leave.

The new standards set are expected to be implemented between July and September, for which changes have also been recommended in the Manav Sampada portal. Changes have been made in the leave process, mainly to fix the time of application in the morning. Now till eight in the morning, in any case, teachers will have to apply online for their leave. If he is not able to apply till eight o'clock, then his leave will not be approved. For this, the portal is also being designed in such a way that leave cannot be applied on him after eight o'clock.

Eight reasons why you will not get leave

Among the eight points set by the Yogi government, mainly the first rule is attached documents. The teacher will have to attach the relevant document attachments with the leave application. If the relevant documents are not attached then leave will not be given.

If a teacher is already on leave, then he will not be able to apply for further leave while on leave.

If the teacher applies to any officer who does not have the right to give leave, even then the leave will not be approved.

During the examination, the application of teacher's leave will not be accepted i.e. leave will not be available.

If the duty of the teacher is engaged in election work, then leave will not be admissible even in such a situation.

If the teacher has been given the responsibility of departmental work due to unavoidable reasons, then even in such a situation the leave will not be approved.

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