Eligibiliy For Secondary Education Teachers Transfer Online 2022

Important Terms Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Teachers Transfer Online

  Uttar Pradesh Director of Secondary Education has issued a mandate for online transfer of teachers of government secondary schools. But teachers are worried about the terms of this mandate.

Teachers say that instead of the condition of replacement (second comes after being removed from the post), arrangements should be made for mutual transfer. Right now most of the government schools have only one post for each subject, due to which the vacancies for transfer will not appear online, so how can the application be made.

 Schools are divided into seven categories for online transfer. Explained what kind of schools would fall in which category. The base standards for transfer have been fixed.

Ineligibility for transfer

Principal / Principal / Vice Principal and equivalent and teachers / teachers who are appointed after March 31, 2019 in the transfer policy Cannot apply for transfer.

  Earlier, there was no compulsion to complete three years of service. If a teacher is transferred, then only the vacant post will appear.

However, teachers are demanding a system of mutual transfer, so that teachers of the same subject can be found in place of that subject.

Otherwise, if there is only one post for each subject in government schools, then vacancies will not appear, due to which teachers will not be able to be relieved even after transfer. The system of replacement has been in the ambitious eight districts earlier, but this time injustice has been done to the teachers by implementing it in all the districts.

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