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 The month of March is going on, in such a situation, all of us teacher colleagues and employees have to share the details of income tax with our department, in this we have to give information related to our savings, investments to our department. Accordingly, our tax is assessed and the process of deduction is done accordingly. If you are also worried that how you have to show your savings? How to fill your income tax return form? Then we will provide you complete information here.

In the same sequence, today we are sharing information about income tax calculation related to house rent for you.

Here we are sharing with you the information about which employee will have to pay the amount of HRA according to the basic pay.

Every employee gets different HRA, apart from this it also varies from village to city, so you can put a receipt for as much HRA as you get.

Here we are sharing the list of HRA according to village and city wise and your basic pay. Hope this list will help you a lot in filling the Income Tax Assessment Form.

How to View Basic Pay

You can check your basic pay from your salary slip.

All Basic Education Council employees, officers, teachers, headmasters, assistant teachers should download their salary receipt from Manav Sampada and on the basis of that, you can prepare your Income Tax Calculation sheet.

 To take advantage of HRA, get your landlord written and take the landlord's PAN number and submit it to your department.

Due to this, the amount received under house rent will be determined as income tax by deducting the amount from salary and you will not have to pay any tax on it and neither income tax will be deducted in advance from salary.

Even if the department deducts your salary, you can still take its refund later, so rest assured.

If you get the receipt made by the landlord on time, then it is fine, otherwise you can take a refund by paying income tax later.

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