school fees will be waived of one of the two daughters in private school

 The Uttar Pradesh government is going to waive the school fees of one of the two daughters. The Chief Minister said- Will motivate private institutions to waive school fees, if private schools do not do so, the government will compensate the fee.

Yogi Adityanath said that if more than two real sisters study together in private colleges and educational institutions, the fee of one of them will be waived. For this, the government will first motivate private educational institutions, if they do not waive the fees, then the government will compensate for it. He said that in order to promote girl child education, education up to graduation is already being provided free of cost in government schools.

In a program organized on the occasion of providing scholarship to 1.51 lakh meritorious students of the state, the Chief Minister said that scholarship should be given to all by November 30 this year. He said that the department should do the work of distribution of scholarship in mission mode. Actually, scholarship is given on 2 October and 26 January every year, but due to the assembly elections, there was a plan to distribute scholarship on 27 December this year, now the Chief Minister has given instructions to give scholarship to all by 30 November.

Ahilya Bai nihshulk shiksha yojana अहिल्याबाई कन्या निःशुल्क 

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