Selection Procedure 880 MIS BRC Block Coordinator Vacancy UP 2022

 Selection Procedure 880 MIS BRC Block Coordinator Vacancy UP 2022 Notification Application Form Computer Operator Samvida Bharti

Therefore, in view of the need for work under the overall education, the mandate   on contract basis (through outsourcing) through selected service provider agency from the Jem portal as per the guidelines and instructions contained in the mandate dated ........... and mandate date ...........Block MIS Coordinator will be selected.

 All the above selections will not be made against any accepted post. Selected / bound personnel will be kept for 01 year only as per the requirement of work.

 The entire selection process at the district level by the committee constituted under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate, No. 8/2019/20/1/91-of-2/2019 dated December 18. 2019 Government Order Number: 717 / Chattis-5-2020-8 (26) / 2020 Labor Section-5, Lucknow dated 18 August, 2020 and Government Order No. 31/2020/273 /18.02.2020-97(Lo.N) / 2016T. C.


The date will be made in accordance with the instructions provided on ........... According to the instructions given in Chapter-7 (a) of the Government Order dated ......."Service Providers will coordinate with the concerned department and enter the number of newly recruited personnel on the employment portal. Notified.


Five applicants from the portal for one worker relative to the vacancies, and three or three applicants on demand of two or more personnel, but the selection from the minimum ten applicants will be done by making a transparent arrangement. "In this context it is to be clarified that labor In the above mandate dated August 18, 2022 in Section-5, instructions were given that "(Service Provider) proceedings of the said selection


This will be done by informing the concerned department and after the acceptance of the efficiency of the selected candidates by the concerned department, the selection process will be completed by finalizing the selection. Apart from this, in the order-21 of the order dated 18 August 2022, instructions have also been given that "the list of candidates selected by the service provider will be made available to the concerned department. The list of candidates selected against the vacancies through specific ID by login by the department. The test / integrity can be checked, thus the process of recruitment will be completed by outsourcing. "


Following instructions regarding efficiency certification of selected candidates in the above context Are issued: -


. With the approval of the District Magistrate at the district level, a 05-member Records Verification Committee will be set up under the chairmanship of a senior officer who is not different from Group 'A'. The committee will verify the educational records and experience certificates of other candidates and clear recommendations of short-listed candidates will be made.


• The efficiency verification of the candidates will be done by the 05-member proficiency certification committee constituted under the chairmanship of the short-listed candidates, headed by the District Magistrate or the Chief Development Officer / Additional District Magistrate, designated by the District Verification Committee and the integrity of the selected candidates will be checked. This committee should be board based in which Subject Matter Specialists such as - Information Science Officer, Principal, Government Polytechnic College, Executive Engineer, Public Works etc. will be members. Efficiency certification committee will select the best skilled candidate against each post and after approval of the District Magistrate, the list service provider agency Will be made available to


At the district level, relative to each post made available to the service provider agency, the best skilled candidate will be given the successful candidate by the service provider agency in the presence of the District Basic Education Officer on the day of the proficiency certification.


Arrangements will also be made for redressal of complaints received regarding deployment of manpower at district level, so that transparency in manpower deployment will be maintained.



Copy sent to the following for information and necessary action: -


1. Additional Chief Secretary, Basic Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh. 2. Secretary, Basic Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh.


3. Special Secretary, Basic Education, Education Section-5, Government of Uttar Pradesh.


4. Chief Development Officer, All Districts, Uttar Pradesh.


5. Additional Project Director, Composite Education, State Project Office Lucknow.


6. Controller of Finance, Composite Education, State Project Office Lucknow.


7. Divisional Assistant Education Director (Basic) All Divisions, U.P.


8. District Basic Education Officer, with instructions to all districts, in the development blocks of his district, should take action as soon as possible above and inform the State Project Office by............


9. All Unit Incharge, Composite Education, State Project Office, Lucknow!


10. Block Education Officer, All Development Blocks, Uttar Pradesh.

880 MIS BRC Block Coordinator Vacancy UP 2022 Notification Application Form Computer Operator Samvida Bharti

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