Bihar Mutual transfer Teacher News Update appointment and transfer 2022

 The process of appointment and transfer of 2.75 lakh teachers in Bihar may stop due to the model code of conduct.

In Bihar, the candidates who have been dreaming of becoming a teacher for a long time, as well as the teachers waiting for the application for voluntary transfer, may be harmed by the code of conduct due to the panchayat elections.

The State Election Commission SEC is in the process of releasing the release of Panchayat elections any day after July 5. In such a situation, as soon as the election of the three-tier panchayat and village courts is announced, the process of all appointments and transfers will be hampered by the code of conduct. The government will not be able to announce new development plans.

Importantly, the Commission's code of conduct will have the greatest impact on the process of appointment of 1.25 lakh teachers and the proposed voluntary transfer of about 1.50 lakh teachers. The Education Department is preparing for voluntary transfer in favor of women and disabled teachers who have been waiting for inter-district transfer for one and a half decades. Along with this, preparations are being made to give the gift of mutual transfer to the male teachers. After examining the online portal, the Education Department is preparing to take the application. Apart from this, the recruitment process of 94 thousand elementary and 30 thousand secondary and higher secondary teachers is to be started.

Of these, more than a percentage of teachers are to be transferred in the Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti and Zilla Parishad areas. Similarly, among the appointed teachers, a large number of teachers are from rural areas. At present, looking at the preparations of the Education Department, it does not seem that the process of appointment and transfer will be completed in the next two months as well.

The State Election Commission may issue the notification any day after July 5.

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