UP Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangala Yojana (MKSY) 2022 rs 15000 for Girl Child

 Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangala Yojana (MKSY) is being run by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The implementation of this scheme is being conducted by the Department of Women and Child Development, Uttar Pradesh. Under this scheme, an amount of ₹ 15000 is given to the girl child in six categories. The main goal of this scheme is that people do not consider their girl child as a burden and provide them good education. Under this scheme, money is given by the government to the girl child at various stages from birth to intermediate and after taking admission in graduation. It is very easy to apply for this scheme. You can apply online for this scheme. You do not even need a lot of documents to apply for the scheme.

You can also apply by visiting any cyber cafe. Only such parents who have only two children are given the benefit of this scheme. If both the children have both girls then both the girls will get the benefit.

If one of the two children is a girl, then only one girl will get the benefit.

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Required eligibility to fill the application form for Chief Minister Kanya Sumangala Yojana

 Only citizens residing in Uttar Pradesh can apply for Kanya Sumangala.

The candidate should have a permanent residence certificate, apart from this, the applicant should also have a valid ration card, and this ration card number has to be entered online. So it is necessary that you can upload Ration card, Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Electricity or Telephone bill online in the form of residence proof.

Annual Income: The family income of the concerned girl child  should not exceed three lakhs.

Number of Girl Child in Family

 If there are maximum 2 girl children in a family, then both will get the benefit of this scheme.

 The maximum number of children in the family should be 2.

 If twins are born, then the third girl will also get the benefit of this scheme.

If a woman has a girl child from the first delivery, she gets twin girls from the second delivery, then in such a situation all the three girls will be given the benefit.

If the family has adopted an orphan girl, then the family will be given the benefit of this scheme to a maximum of two girls, including biological children and legally adopted children.

Benefits available under this scheme

First class - ₹ 2000 from birth after this scheme (girl born after 1st April 2019)

Class II - Under this scheme, all such girls who have been fully immunized will be given an amount of ₹ 1000.

Class III - Under this scheme, all the girls who have taken admission in class 1 will be given an amount of ₹ 2000.

Class IV - Under this category, the girl who took admission in class 6 will be given an amount of ₹ 2000.

Fifth class - All such girls have taken admission in class 9, all of them will be given an amount of ₹ 3000.

Sixth class - All high school and inter pass girls can apply under this scheme. A total amount of ₹ 5000 will be given under this scheme.

How to apply

All eligible girls can apply by clicking on the link given below. If you face any kind of inconvenience in applying, then you can send it by writing in your comment. we will try to solve your problem.

Direct Link of Application Form Submission

Aadhar of Applicant, Father, Mother and Beneficiaries' is mandatory from 10-Oct-2022.

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