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 This time the postal ballot will play an important role in the victory and defeat of the candidates in the assembly elections. In all the assembly seats, the postal ballot will play an important role in winning and losing this time. Because the scope of voting through postal ballot has been increased. Elders of 80 years, Divyang voters can take advantage of this facility this time. Along with this, the employees of 11 departments involved in essential services can also take advantage of this facility this time.

In such a situation, the number of people who have got the facility of voting through postal ballot has exceeded one lakh, whereas in 2017 this figure was 21 thousand. Out of this, 5015 votes were also cast.

The Election Commission has expanded the scope of this facility. In such a situation, the voting through postal ballot will also be more.

So far, the data of differently-abled, more than 80 years old has been prepared. 12D form has been filled from them. They will now be given postal ballots, which will have to be sent in a special envelope.

At the same time, paramilitary forces, army personnel have been given this facility through electronic means.

 Employees of 11 departments have been asked to demand this facility through Form-12.

The Election Commission will bear the cost of sending the postal ballot by post. The voter will not need to put up any postage stamp for this.

These 11 departments were included in the essential service

  • Information and Public Relations,
  • Health & Family Welfare,
  • Postal Service,
  • traffic,
  • railway,
  • Lightning,
  • civil Aviation,
  • metro rail,
  • Doordarhan,
  • all india radio,
  • BSNL.

The employees of all these departments have to demand the facility through the nodal officer.


Voters eligible for postal ballot

Divyang and elderly people above 80 years of age - 75 thousand

Employees engaged in polling work - 16 thousand

Employees of 11 departments with essential services - estimated five thousand

Army and paramilitary personnel and officers - 4200

Importance of postal ballot 

The importance of postal ballot can be understood from the defeat in the Mohanlalganj seat in the 2017 assembly. Here only SP candidate Ambareesh Pushkar won by 530 votes. Here 235 votes were cast by postal ballot. Of this, 120 Ambareesh Pushkar got alone. On the other hand, 1356 votes were cast by postal ballot in Lucknow East seat. In 2017, the elderly, differently-abled, essential service employees of 11 departments did not get this facility.

Ballot Paper voting in India: How to vote through Postal Ballot Paper, who can vote

Process of Ballot Paper in India: Voting is done by Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in India. But those who are unable to reach their polling station because of their job, they can vote by postal ballot paper.

How to vote on ballot paper in India : 

Voting is done through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the country. Through the electronic voting system, only the voter who reaches the polling station is able to cast his vote. Those who are unable to reach the polling station and are on job or election duty, they cast their vote through ballot paper. That vote is sent by post. Also known as Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot Papers (ETPB). However, postal voting refers only to the means by which ballot papers are submitted and not the manner by which votes are counted. These are counted first but at the time of counting of votes during the election along with other votes.

While there is a system for post ballot in India, only certain categories of people can vote through it.

Postal ballot voting process

Mark your vote on the ballot paper by placing a cross (X) or tick (v') against the name of the candidate of your choice as per the instructions in Form 13D. Then he puts the marked ballot inside the smaller envelope

Then close the envelope with glue and the label of Form 13B will be affixed on this envelope.

Further, the serial number of the ballot paper shall be noted on Form 13B at the space provided for it on the envelope,

If it is not already printed on it. Fill, sign the declaration in Form 13A and get it attested by the designated officer for verification.

Place the declaration in the first closed smaller envelope (Form 13B) and the second in Form 13A inside the larger envelope and seal it using glue.

Paste the label for Form 13C on the larger envelope and sign in the space marked for signature.

Send the envelope (Form 13C) back to the Returning Officer (RO) through the available postal means.

No postage stamp is required to be put on the envelope (Form 13C) if posted within India.

The CEO should inform the GM Post Office to accept the envelope acceptor for speed post delivery and the fee will be paid by the CEO Office.


This facility is in addition to the categories of voters who are not present at their respective polling stations, being on duty on the day of polling in the current General Elections to the Uttar Pradesh, Punjab Legislative Assembly.

Those who will not fill Form 12D, they will have to come to the polling station and vote. Preparations are being made for maximum voting.

Guidelines for issue of Postal Ballot Papers.

Postal Ballot (Voting and Counting)


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