cVIGIL App ECI make a complaint related to MCC adrsh achar sanhita of Election

 The Uttar Pradesh Election Commission UPECI has implemented the model code of conduct for the assembly elections. The code of conduct is implemented so that the participants of the assembly elections / Lok Sabha / Panchayat / Urban Local Bodies elections can not do any kind of anarchy work and a fair election can be organized.

It is applicable for all party and all candidates have to follow it. But it is also violated by the participants from time to time. For this, the Election Commission of India has launched an Android app called cVIGIL, using which you can complain about the violation of the Model Code of Conduct. The specialty of this app is that as soon as the complaint is uploaded on it, action will be taken within 100 minutes.

how can you make a complaint on cVIGIL App of ECI

First of all, you should download the App cVIGIL of Model Code of Conduct from Play Store.

After that upload a photo or video of 5 minutes on this app.

As soon as you upload the photo or video, it will immediately reach the District Control Room.

Thereafter, it will be handed over to the field unit for verification.

Immediately thereafter, within 15 minutes, the field team will reach the spot and investigate the violation of the model code of conduct.

Action will be taken by the team and report will be submitted within 30 minutes.

The status will be uploaded online by the Returning Officer within 50 minutes.

It has been issued by the Chief Electoral Officer, Uttar Pradesh.

You must use it and definitely play the role of an informed voter.

You can get complete information about what is the Model Code of Conduct from the blog post.

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सतर्क नागरिक बनकर अपनी जिम्मेदारी निभाएं शिकायत अपलोड होने पर बस 100 मिनट में कार्यवाही cVIGIL

Election Commission of India

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UP election Model Code of conduct adrsh achar sanhita 

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