EPS-95 Pension scheme EPFO News Update 2022 Pension May Increased Upto 9000

 What is eps-95 scheme pension scheme. The full name of eps-95 scheme is Employee Pension Scheme. Under this, a minimum pension is given to the employees. At present this pension is being given very less. At present, a pension of ₹ 1000 is being given to the employees, but there is news that the central government can increase the pension from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 9000. The pensioners of eps-95 have been demanding for a long time that their pension should be increased, but till now the government has not taken any decision on this matter. The news is coming from reliable sources that very soon the government can increase the amount of minimum pension under the EPS 95 scheme. EPFO has the right to take a decision on this.

According to sources, in February 2022, the Labor Ministry will hold an important meeting in which it can increase the amount of pension under eps-95 keeping in mind the recommendation of the Standing Committee. One of the most important points that will be discussed in this meeting is the implementation of Nuvage. The second employee pension scheme is also likely to be agreed. For the past several days, the employees were dissatisfied with the amount received from the pension scheme, that is why they were also performing dharna at many places.

This amount can be increased up to ₹ 9000. At present, a minimum pension of ₹ 1000 is being given. The decision on this can be taken by the Labor Minister, because the Standing Committee of Parliament had recommended to increase the minimum pension amount from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 3000, but the pensioner says that ₹ 3000 is very less, increasing from 3000 to ₹ ₹9000 to be done. Only then all eps-95 pension holders will be able to get its benefit.

What is the court's decision on eps-95

Scheme on eps-95 The court in five states has ruled that the employee's pension is a fundamental right. It is not any alms that the government gives, but it is the right of the employee, which he gets by doing a job. According to the employees, the pension should be fixed according to the last salary, which is likely to be considered by the Ministry of Labor. It is given through EPFO.

People working in the organized sector are given pension after the age of 58. This pension is given to only those employees who have done at least 10 years of compulsory service. Under this scheme, a pension of ₹ 1000 is given to the subscriber, along with the facility of widow pension under this scheme.

If the employee dies, the pension is provided to his child or his wife. Join telegram group for all important news related to pension of eps-95

If the pension under eps-95 is increased, it will greatly benefit the senior citizens, as pension is the only support in old age as the employees are not able to work. Therefore, on behalf of the employees, the government is requested to immediately increase the amount of pension received under eps-95.

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