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UP E-pass is not required for these services.
1-Industrial activities.
2- Supply of medical/essential services and goods and transportation of essential commodities.
3- Presence in medical and health and industrial units and works related to industries.
4- E-Commerce Operations.
5- Persons with medical emergency.

Persons connected with telecommunication services, postal service, print and electronic media and Internet service. 

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Mandate (Sashnadeh / GO  /  Government Order)  regarding providing Exempted from ePass to services during the period of lockdown announced due to second wave of Covid-19

(Uttar Pradesh's Covid Control Room Nos: 9454441081(whatsapp) / 0522-2238084 / 0522-2235083 / 0522-2215219 / 1070) 

महत्वपूर्ण शासनादेश एवं सम्बंधित अधिकारीयों के मोबाइल न०:

1. ई पास के सम्बन्ध में शासनादेश
2. LPG सेवाओं को ई पास से छूट प्रदान किये जाने के सम्बन्ध में शासनादेश
3. जनपद वार ई-पास नोडल अधिकारियों की सूची (Mobile No.)
4. अन्तर्जनपदीय ई-पास हेतु नोडल अधिकारियों की सूची (Mobile No.)
5. जनपद की सीमा के भीतर ई-पास हेतु नोडल अधिकारियों की सूची (Mobile No.)

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Subject- Regarding issuance of e-pass online for the supply of essential goods and services during the period of lockdown announced due to second wave of Covid-19.  

On the above subject,  due to the second wave of Covid-19, it has been decided to issue e-pass online like last year during the period of lockdown announced in the state. As before, this arrangement has been made mainly to issue passes for the listed institutions supplying essential goods and services. Public can also apply for e-pass to get medical services. If the supply of essential goods and services is not being received by the general public in any area, then they can complain about it on the Chief Minister's helpline 1076.

2. Applicants will be able to apply for e-pass online through the link available at Provision for institutional pass has also been made in the e-pass portal, in which an institution can apply for a maximum of 05 personnel including the applicant.

3. The applications received online will be tested/verified by the authorized administrative officers. Applications will be accepted or rejected after scrutiny. For the approved applications, e-passes will be issued online, which can be downloaded/printed by the applicant by clicking on the link given in the SMS received by him. The electronic copy of the e-pass will also be valid.

4. GST Certificate uploaded at the time of application along with e-pass, Commercial Registration Certificate, Photo Identity Card such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, if asked for at the time of verification of e-pass for the entire period of e-pass Submission of letter etc. will be mandatory.

5.For issuance of valid e-pass within the limits of the district and within the limits of the state

The Additional District Magistrate nominated by the District Magistrate will be authorized to issue the inter-state e-pass.

6. The e-pass issued for the institutions will be valid for the entire period of the lockdown, while the validity of the district e-pass issued for the general public will be of 01 day and the validity of the inter-state e-pass will be 02 days. 

7. Verification of e-pass is ensured by police personnel through QR code during checking will go. It is noteworthy that e-passes should be issued only for urgent and circumstantial difficulties during the period of lockdown and care should be taken in issuing e-passes to curb the infection in the event of lockdown.

8. E-pass in specific cases for the states outside the state, related to the departure district of the applicant Issued by the District Magistrate of the district. 9. Guidelines related to the process of issuing e-pass online are being sent attached herewith.

10. For the resolution of any problem related to the application, the following officers / Relief Commissioner's Can be contacted:

(1) Shri Ramkeval, Special Secretary, Revenue Department (2) Shri Chandrakant Project Expert

(3) WhatsApp number Relief Commissioner Office 
Mohd No. 9411006000
Mohd. 9988514423

11. Regarding issuance of e-pass, the government orders/guidelines issued by the Home Department from time to time will be followed. Strict compliance of the above instructions should be ensured.

Covid-19 ePass Uttar Pradesh

A. Guidelines for Applicants to Apply Online

1. Applications will be filled in English language only due to technical reasons

2. Use of any special character in the application is prohibited.

3. Applicants will first get One Time Password (OTP) by entering their mobile number on the portal.

4. On entering the OTP in the relevant box, the application form will open. 
5. In the online form for Institutional Pass, the applicant of the institution head, his name, date of birth / age, gender, district, Tehsil and full address etc. details will be filled.

5. Any one of the GST Certificate, Commercial Registration Certificate etc. will be uploaded by the institution while applying. The general public will upload any one of the photo identity card and photo ID card such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card, etc.

6. Need ePass for district limits or inter-district? Will select it.

7. Select the type of service the ePass requires. 

8. Select the period from when you want the ePass.

9. If the vehicle is to be used, the registration number (number plate) of the vehicle shall be mentioned.

10. After checking the filled form thoroughly, the applicant will submit it at last.

11. The filled form can be downloaded and printed from the acknowledgment system. Unique application number and date and time of application will be mentioned in the acknowledgment. This acknowledgment will also be received through SMS on the mobile number of the applicant.

12. The applicant will get the information about the issue of ePass or the rejection of the application through SMS. 13. The ePass can be downloaded/printed and used by the applicant by clicking on the link provided in the SMS. e 

B. Categories of Services

B-1. institutional services

1. Food articles (fruits, vegetables, milk, bakery goods, meat, fish etc.) 2. General provision stores

3. Restaurants (Take Away / Home Delivery eg Swiggy, Zomato etc.)

4. E-commerce related to essential commodities such as food, medicines and medical equipment

5. Ration Shop (Public Distribution System)

6. Electricity Department 7. Water Supply

8. Dairy Plant

9. Banking (including ATM)

10. Drug Shops & Pharmacy (Wholeseller / Retailer / CNF Agents including)

11. Print and Electronic Media 

12. Finance and Accounts Personnel only related to Salary / Honorarium / Contingency / Health and other essential items for expenditure)

13. Telecommunications, Internet and Postal Services

14. Petrol Pump (including LPG/CNG/Oil Agency, Warehouse & Transport Works)

15. Fodder feed for birds and animals

16. Manufacturing / Maintenance / Production / Processing, Storage / Distribution / Business Operations, etc., relating to the above mentioned goods and services.

17. Fire Fighting

18. Prison

19. Services related to Municipal bodies 20. Work related to Legislative Assembly Legislative Council

21. For the discharge of law and order and magisterial responsibility 22. Other essential services/arrangements which may be exempted by the government.

B-2. personal services 

1. Medical service (including animal health care)  Guidelines for Authorized Administrative Officers to take decision by examining/verifying online applications

1. The user ID of the officers authorized to issue the ePass on the portal will be the same as at present.

Jansunwai Samadhan (IGRS) is on the portal, but the default password will be Admin@1234, which will have to be changed on first login.

2. In addition to changing the password, the user will be required to enter his/her details on the portal such as name, designation, mobile number.

Scanned signature will have to be uploaded. The above details and signature will be displayed in the issued ePass. 3. After the applicant completes the online application process

(a) If the applicant has applied for ePass in the district limit, then in such a situation he

The application will be received for test / verification in the user ID of the sub-divisional magistrate of the applicant's tehsil. b) If the applicant has applied for an inter-district ePass, then in such a situation that application will be received for testing / verification in the ID of the Additional District Magistrate (F / R) of the district.

4. The application form will be tested/verified by the concerned authorities in the office itself. (Physical verification will not be required under normal circumstances. Physical verification of the application will be done only in special circumstances.

5. ePass should be issued to the general public mainly in the category of medical service. 6. The application will be rejected or accepted immediately after the test/verification is done.

7. In the event of acceptance of the application, the ePass will be issued online by the authorized officer, the information of which will be received by the applicant through auto-generated SMS.

D. Guidelines for Checking of ePass by Authorized Officers, Police etc. Enforcing Lockdown

It will be mandatory to present photo identity card such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card etc. Electronic copy of ePass will also be valid.

2. The ePass issued to the institutions will be valid till the period of lockdown, while the validity of the ePass issued to the general public will be of 01 day.

3. The validity of the ePass can also be checked by scanning the QR code on it. Android mobile holders will be able to check the QR code of ePass using the inbuilt scanner and iPhone holders can download the QR code scanner.

4. In addition, the details entered by the investigator in the ePass can also be matched with the records submitted by the applicant.

Note: For the resolution of any kind of technical problem in the above work, the officials can be contacted by email

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