UP Shikshamitra CL GO Rule Leave Details of Government primary School 2022

 On the demand of Shikshamitras, the state government is going to provide 11 casual leave CL. Shiksha Mitras working in primary school will be provided 11 casual leave in the contract year. The attendance of Shiksha Mitras is maintained by the headmaster of the school. Shikshamitras will be given a maximum of 11 casual leave in the contract year. The mandate in this regard has also been issued on 20 July 2022. Apart from this, the salary of the concerned Shiksha Mitra will be deducted for taking more leave than this. Earlier, a casual leave was given every month, after which their honorarium was deducted on absence. In the same sequence, the Director General has also issued his mandate. You can view this mandate by visiting the link given below.

See mandate and rules related to casual leave of Shikshamitras

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