Safai Karmi Promotion Gram Panchayat Officer VPO News Update UP 2022

 Safai Karmi Promotion Gram Panchayat Officer VPO News Update UP

Very good news is coming for the sweepers of Uttar Pradesh. The state government may soon give a promotion gift to the cleaning workers. These sweepers will be promoted to the post of Gram Panchayat Officer. After the consent of the Department of Personnel and Finance, the proposal is still pending at the government level. A proposal has been sent for promotion of cleaning personnel to 20% posts of Gram Panchayat Officer. Simultaneously, the cleaners have demanded to get the first ACP and arrears from the director. Panchayati Raj Rural Safai Karamcharis Union has requested the Director Panchayati Raj Rural Sanitation workers to provide benefits and outstanding arrears of ACP. Union Minister has written in the letter that on completion of 10 years of service, the first assured career promotion ACP should be given, but even after 13 years of appointment, the benefit of ACP has not been given in many districts. Amethi Sitapur Shravasti Bahraich Balrampur Chitrakoot Mahoba Hamirpur Deoria Ayodhya etc. The personnel have not received the benefit of ACP. In the districts where ACP has been received after completion of 12 years of service, arrears of 2 years are not being paid, they have demanded the director to ensure payment.

One lakh sanitation workers of the state have been waiting for a long time to get promotion to the post of Gram Panchayat Adhikari VPO. But due to the non-decision on this, the sweepers are quite angry. He has urged the Minister of Panchayati Raj to issue promotion orders as soon as possible. Actually, there is currently no promotion opportunity for the sweepers in the state. Consideration has been going on for many years on the availability of large number of highly qualified personnel in the cadre and to provide an opportunity for promotion in the service period.

The president of the Panchayati Raj Rural Safai Karmchari Sangh says that after several rounds of discussions between the Finance Personnel and the Panchayati Raj Department, a theoretical agreement was reached to promote the Gram Panchayat Officer to 20 posts last year. The Finance and Personnel Department also had no objection. After this, the Panchayati Raj Department had sought several important information in this regard from the Director Panchayati Raj. This information was also made available to the government from the director level on 1 July  . But 9 months have passed but the decision in this regard is not being done at the governance level. The cleaning worker said that the letter has been conveyed to the Minister of Panchayati Raj. According to the intention of the Department of Personnel and Finance, the Minister has been requested to take a decision related to promotion.

He said that during the Covid-19, the cleaning workers worked on life palm. Many companions have also died during this period. Despite working in these conditions, the employees are very angry due to the decision not to promote.

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