up aided junior high school assistant teacher HM syllabus Exam Question paper Pattern 2022

 Special Secretary Uttar Pradesh Government has issued a notification for the recruitment of vacant posts of Principal and Assistant Teacher in non-government aided junior high schools across the state. Written test will be conducted for the recruitment of non-government aided and junior high school to the vacant posts of Principal and Assistant Teacher. In Uttar Pradesh Recognized Basic School / Junior High School, recruitment to these posts will be done under the Recruitment and Terms of Service Rules 1978. 

Following are the question paper pattern of proposed examination.

The minimum educational qualification for recruitment to the post of Assistant Teacher has been determined as graduation, so the level of examination will be kept as graduate for recruitment to the post of Assistant Teacher.

Ensuring availability of teachers of Linguistics, Mathematics and Social subjects in Junior High School has been mentioned in the Right to Free and Child Education Act 2009, so for selection for the post of Assistant Teacher in Aided Junior High School, Linguistics, Mathematics and Social study Examination will be conducted for the subject. For this, undergraduate level examination will be conducted on the basis of graduate level syllabus for linguistics, mathematics and social subjects.

 The first question paper of General Knowledge will be compulsory for all the candidates, the candidate will have to select one section in Language, General Studies and Science and Mathematics.

English ,Sanskrit or Hindi in the language candidates are required to choose.

In the paper, 50 questions will be asked from general knowledge and related questions in the second question paper.

To get an appointment as a teacher, a candidate must have 5 years of teaching experience, and the minimum educational qualification for a teacher selection is 5 years as a teacher.

The qualification for the post of teacher will be based on the undergraduate syllabus, a question paper based on general administrative ability and knowledge of other subjects will be created.

 A question paper related to the Education Department will be asked related to various Acts, Rules, Government Orders, Commission set up related to Education Department, Recommendation of Committee, Policy of Education. Apart from this, questions will also be asked to test the knowledge related to the program plan of the department, which can be used to test general information regarding the education department of the candidates.


The following syllabus is prescribed for the recruitment of Assistant teacher in aided College Junior High School Recruitment Examination for Assistant Teacher and Principal.

You can download this syllabus and prepare for your exam.

 Download Official syllabus and Question paper in PDF file

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