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 Indian Railways has recently started providing a facility called Privilege Passes and PTOs to its employees through the HRMS module. Through this hrms Serivce, railway employees, students can apply for online pass, reschedule e pto booking, and

book through irctc and book on line for e pass. This process is being operated through the Human Resource Management System HRMS in Railway Portal of Indian Railways. Also you can apply for e-pass through HRMS app (Currently IRCTC APP it showing error- PASS Validation HRMS API not available). This facility is applicable to all railway employees from 1 October 2022. From now on, all employees for all the Privilege Passes and PTOs have to make their applications online. With the introduction of this facility, the employees do not have to travel to the office, and also do not have to spend any kind of bribe etc. This saves a lot of time of the employees.


Step-wise instructions Login to the HRMS portal

How you can apply for EPAS PTO or HRMS online, we will provide you the information here.

First of all, the concerned employee has to login through his HRMS ID and password on the official website of HRMS given below.

HRMS webpage Login using login ID (HRMS ID) and password.


HRMS Employee Mobile App Download for Railway employees login.



You can also use HRMS Employee Mobile App for EPAS and PTU, on which all the employees of Indian Railways can login and apply for EPAS and PTO.


Steps for HRMS ID and login: -

 You can also login on this website by entering 11 digit PF number or Employee number. Then click on details. This opens your details.

 Then you have to click on Register Now and enter your 11-digit PF number or Employee number.

IPAS ID. If you do not have one, you can go to a clerk bill section from the respective branch and get your ID.


On availability of HRMS ID as user ID and default password "Test @ 123", employees can login to HRMS portal. Employees will be directed to change the password after first login.


Then you will get a message that you have successfully logged into the HRMS portal, and an SMS OTP will also go to your register mobile, which is valid for 1 week.

Then you will enter your OTP and click on it and as soon as you click on the menu of Mai, your designation, family details will all be visible.


Then you have to click on the pass tab and from here you will see manual passes and PTO 2022 on the pass set list.

If you have the correct account details, then you do OK and confirm.

After that, click on the family declaration and you will be able to see the list of your family number and dependent here.

Then after verification, you will have to verify your details again,

And after doing this process your family details of PTO details will be verified.


Process for online application for e-pass

 First you have to click on the pass tab

Then click on Pass Set List

Then you have to click on Privilege Pass and PTO.

Then your month and different types of notifications will start appearing

Then after that you have to click on Create Fresh Application, click on New Application and fill the details of the station, and then submit it.

After this, an application number will come on your mobile and with the help of this PTO application number or pass application number, you can also check its status online.

You will then generate an OTP by clicking on My Issuing Pass, after which a unit pass number will be sent to your mobile.


How to apply for a Digital e-Pass?

After this, for reservation train travel, you have to log on to the IRCT portal and you can book your ticket by entering the unique pass number or pass Employee / identity card details.


For any other assistance, you can click on the number given below.

In case of any issues please reach out to HRMS helpdesk

HRMS application related issue @ 7786940452, 9971535534,7982542883

For OTP @ 7267910583,9953780947

For ePass related inquiry @ 9891643886,9069161539,9971168228 or

Write to us at


User Manuals for other modules of HRMS


 For all other information, you should not forget to comment. We will try to help you here.

Although the HRMS website is not working right now, it is showing a lot of error. As soon as it works, you can apply for a pass. And for the post retirement pass, we will publish a article here very soon, so do not forget to subscribe, and do not forget to comment for any other type such as pass validation.

Manual for APAR of Non-Gazetted employees of Indian Railways-

Manual for Office orders

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