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Nishtha module 18 - understanding rights child sexual abuse and the posco act 2012

Activity 1, activity 3, Main Quiz question answer in English language

Module 18 Question with answer


Activity 1 true or false type question answer

Question: children have the right to find out thing and share what they think with others, by talking, drawing, and writing or in any other way

Answer: False


Question: having access to the best possible Healthcare, safe water to drink, food and safe environment and information to help it stay safe, is a right of every child

Answer: true


Question: all right are not related to a need or want

Answer: false


Question: right to development included the right to leisure recreation and culture and when we provide a child with bicycle, we are fulfilling the right

Answer: true


Question: the opinion of the children is not based on the maturity or experience and therefore cannot be considered in the matter that concern them

Answer: false

Total number of question 5


Activity 3

Question: whenever child talk to you about sexual abuse it's important that you talk to the alleged abuser for verification of information

Answer: false


Question: children especially girl who are outgoing, talkative physically expressive often attracts sexual abuses

Answer: false


Question: if during a sexual act the child is not screaming or resisting or pushing back or has given consent if it can be understood that the child is interested in that act

Answer: false


Question: If the child is not willing to report abuse, we cannot help

Answer: false


Question: sexual abuse can happen to any child across age gender cast economic and social

Answer: true


Question: an adult giving a child things/ gift attention and affection money  sweet toys outing can be the beginning of a process of seual abuse

Answer: true


Question: children often make stories about sexual abuse

Answer: False


Question: there is no indicator Behavior for identifying a potential sex sexual abuser

Answer: true


Question: someone who is the stranger to the child commits most sexual abuse

Answer: false


Question: sexual abuse usually takes place in dark abandoned places

Answer: false


Nishtha module 18 main quiz


Question: and answer question child sex abuse should be reported in

Answer: all circumstances when we know about it


Question: how a teacher can support to a child saying about sexual abuse

Answer: listen and talk to the child with empathy


 Question: showing nude images to a child comes under

Answer: sexual abuse


Question: right survival includes

Answer: Food shelter and clothing


Question: child sexual abuse may happened

Answer: the reason cannot be predicted


Question: child sexual abuse happened to

Answer: both boys and girls


Question: who is a child any person

Answer: below the age 18 year


Question: when the act become a aggravated offence

Answer: committed by a person in position of Trust or authority  


Question: which is special law/act to punish child sexual abuse offender  

Answer: POSCO act 2012


 Question: if you come to know about any sexual offence with the child then whom will you report

Answer: police

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