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Child development Integrated Child Development Scheme or Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS in short) Integrated package of nutritional and educational services to children up to the age of 6, health to pregnant women and lactating women, severely malnourished children and adolescents.

There are plans to provide.


Responsible for providing supplementary nutrition facilities along with primary health care and informal education. Under this program, provision will be made to provide basic facilities (up to 6 years of age) to children and necessary nutrition for the health care of pregnant mothers and mothers engaged in the upbringing of children.


Children (6 months to 3 years) will be provided nutritional supplements under this category according to the health status and body mass index of each child.


Children (3 years to 6 years)

Ensured supplementary nutrition will be provided during the child's developmental years.


Adolescents (11 years to 14 years)

Supplementary nutritious food will be provided under the Sabla scheme related to the empowerment of adolescent girls.


Pregnant and lactating woman

Supplementary nutritious food will be provided for 9 months after giving birth and for the next 6 months.


Severely malnourished children

Supplementary nutrition will be provided to children who did not receive proper nutrition in their development year.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the beneficiaries under Child Development and Nutrition Program?

The beneficiaries under this program include:

1. Children (6 months to 3 years)

2. Children (3 years to 6 years)

3. Teenage girls (11 years to 14 years)

4. Pregnant and lactating woman


What is the role of Self Help Groups (SHGs)?

The Uttar Pradesh government will basically emphasize decentralization of THR supply through self-help groups (SHGs). SHGs are being formed and federated across the state by UPSRLM to provide ration to every Anganwadi.


What food items are provided to the beneficiary under this program?

Drought rations, envisaged (wheat, rice, pulses, desi ghee and skimmed milk powder) will be provided to all registered beneficiaries.


Where are these services available?

These services are provided in Anganwadi centers.


 What is Anganwadi Center?

Anganwadi is a rural mother and child care center in India. They were launched by the Government of India in 1975, as part of the Integrated Child Development Services Program to tackle hunger and malnutrition of children. Anganwadi means "courtyard shelter".


Who provides these services in Anganwadi center?

An Anganwadi worker provides all these services at the Anganwadi center. Mukhiya-Sevika is an honorary worker selected from the village. A helper helps in carrying out his day-to-day activities. The helper is also selected by the villagers.


What is the role of F&CSD based on demand indent? how do they work?

 FCI will supply wheat and rice to the mapped FPS. The designed platform will provide the total amount of wheat and rice required for the month and there is a provision for FC and CSD to enable the transfer of funds accordingly to the DI to FCI component and FPS owners component.


What is the role of CDPO?

 CDPO's role is as follows:

1. Quarterly demand calculation and communication for SRLM, F & CSD, PCDF and DPO.

2. Regular payment to SRLM and PCDF.

3. Beneficiary mobilization and verification on ration distribution day.

4. Complete monitoring.

4. Anganwadi worker will distribute take home ration in presence of self-help group members.


What is the role of Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission and Self Help Group?

 The role of Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission and Self Help Group is as follows:

1. Ensure trained and working SHGs who will distribute dry ration and milk products.

2. Timely communication of demand to self-help groups.

3. Collection of grains from Fair Price Shop (FPS).

4. Collection of milk products from project offices / godowns.

5. Packaging, Transport and Delivery to Anganwadi Centers.

6. Assistance in distribution of take home ration at Anganwadi centers.


  How to enroll as a beneficiary?

 To enroll as a beneficiary, you have to contact the Anganwadi center in your district. Anganwadi workers of the special center will update all your ego on the portal. Once the copy is authorized by the authority, you will be on boarded as a beneficiary. sign in


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