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The entire world has been suffering from the global pandemic coronavirus in the year 2020, but there is a possibility that its vaccine will be available to the public by 2021. In the Bihar elections, various parties have also announced that the coronavirus vaccine will be made available to the countrymen for free, but providing such a large amount of coronavirus vaccine to everyone at the same time is not less than a big challenge for the government. For this, the government can use different types of filters, under which the vaccine will be provided to the most eligible person first.

Reports are coming in from trusted sources that the first coronavirus vaccine will be made available to employees working in the health sector. Along with this, coronavirus vaccine will be made available to poor people also. It will now be a process to see how the government selects the eligible beneficiary. There is a possibility that the government may invite online applications for the coronavirus vaccine, so that the eligible person can be identified. Like we make a ration card, or to take advantage of the Golden Card or various government schemes, first of all we have to apply online on the prescribed form. After that the government scrutinizes that application and after that the eligible beneficiary is selected, then there is a possibility that the government may adopt this procedure for the vaccination of coronavirus.

For this, the government is also preparing very fast.

 In the war against Coronavirus, the world which India and the world are eagerly waiting for will probably come to you very soon. But there is still no official announcement about how long the coronavirus vaccine will be available in the market.

The central government has asked states to prepare for vaccination of corona. Committees will be formed for coordination and monitoring at all state and district levels. This vaccination campaign can last for at least 1 year.

Vaccination will be done on a priority basis by forming groups, first of all health workers such as doctors will be vaccinated.

Various committees will be formed for the vaccine to carry it from cold chain to complex areas. DTS will generate data of those who have been vaccinated. All kind of training will also be made available to the human resource formed on the hinging beneficiary management system, so that there is no problem of any kind.

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