Download Corona Virus Report online Covid 19 UP

 Download Corona Virus Report online Covid 19 UP

Now Covid-19 Test Report will available on one click

The government of UP has launched the website for the convenience of patient investigating Covid 19. After conducting the investigation, the mobile number will have to be entered on the website for getting the report. You can see the report in a few seconds as soon as you enter the OTP number, which you will get on your registered mobile no. Even if the report is negative or positive, you can download it and take print of your Corona Test Report.

After giving corona samples from RTPCR, TrueNet and BCNet, people were getting very upset for the report. In particular, samples of RTPCR are sent to Noida labs. Reports arrive within two to three days. Until this period people remain apprehensive. On positive, a call is received from the control room of the CMO office and the patient is isolated in a hospital or home, but no information is given from the Health Department when a negative report is received. 

Investigators want to see their report. Due to lack of negative reports, people were facing a lot of trouble.

Full report details you can find on the website labreports upcovid19tracks

How to Download Corona Virus Report online in UP

According to official website, you have to enter your mobile number by going to the website 

After registering the number, the OTP will come and the report will open as soon as it is entered. 

It will have both negative and positive reports. The report also includes case ID, name of the investigator, age, gender, mobile number, address, district and date of registration, plus lab results and print out. 

The CMO said that reports of antigens go hand in hand. But the test report of the sample of RTPCR, CB Net and True Net Lab will be loaded in the website. The report can be seen approximately 24 to 48 hours after the sample.

prayagraj corona report online COVID-19 (PRAYAGRAJ) REPORT (2021)

योगी सरकार ने कोरोना की जांच रिपोर्ट का नतीजा जानने के लिए एक वेबसाइट जारी कर दी है। कोरोना जांच कराने वाला कोई भी व्यक्ति घर बैठे ही महज एक क्लिक में अपनी कोरोना रिपोर्ट देख सकता है। 

दर्ज करना होगा मोबाइल नंबर

इन सभी समस्याओं का हल निकालते हुए यूपी सरकार ने एक वेबसाइट जारी की है। इस वेबसाइट पर जांच कराने वाले व्यक्ति को अपने उस मोबाइल नंबर को डालना होगा, जिसे उसने जांच के लिए रजिस्‍टर्ड कराया हो। उसी मोबाइल नंबर पर एक ओटीपी आएगा जिसे वेबसाइट पर सबमिट करना होगा। ओटीपी सबमिट करते ही मरीज की कोरोना जांच रिपोर्ट उसके सामने आ जाएगी।

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