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Joint entrance examination council JEECUP conducted a state level written examination for the admission in polytechnic program offered by government and private polytechnic college of uttar pradesh. In state of uttar pradesh seats of Polytechnic engineering course and other program filled through the state level merit which will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained by the candidates in JEECUP entrance examination.  Up polytechnic entrance examination was held on 6 June to 12 June 2022 at various examination center all over uttar pradesh.
Questions paper contains 100 questions which will carry maximum 400 marks.  Total 3 hour time duration was given for attempting the question paper. 
Questions were related from physics, chemistry and mathematics subjects. now brought up Polytechnic entrance Examination questions which were asked in 6 June 2022  examination. Hope following question paper will be helpful in the preparation of up polytechnic.
We have Uploaded questions in PDF format of SET A series. Booklet Code SET B , SET C, and SET D series  Question paper will be uploaded here very soon. We have published question paper in Hindi as well as English language.  

 Maximum marks 400 Time: 3 Hours 
I. A train first travels for 30 min with a velocity 30 km/h and then for 40 min with a velocity of 40 km/h in the same
Direction. The average velocity of train is
(A) 35.71 km/hr     (B) 35.0 km/hr
(C) 35.81 km/hr    (0)35.95 krn/hr

3. For uniform motion: .
(A) the ' distance-time graph is a straight line parallel' to time axis.
(B) the speed-time graph is a straight line inclined to time axis.
(C) the speed-time graph is a straight line parallel to time axis.
(D) the acceleration-time b'faph is a straight line parallel to time axis.

4. A body moving with uniform acceleration travels 84 m in 6 second 264 m in 11 s. The initial velocity of
The body is
(A) 2.0 m/s (8) 1.9 m/s    (C) 2.1 m/s (D) 3.0 m/s

5. Two equal and opposite forces act on a moving object. Its motion will be
(A) affected and slow – down        (b) affected and speed-up
(C) affected and stop        (D) unaffected motion

6. The property of Inertia is most in
(A) a car     (B) a truck    (C) a rickshaw (D) a cycle

9. . A force of ION acts on a body of mass 2 kg for 3 s, initially at rest. The velocity acquired by the body
(A) 15 m/s     (B) 20 m/s    (C) 25 mls     (D) 30 m/s

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  • 14. The foundation of buildings 'are made wider-than the wail
    (A) so, that the pressure exerted by the building on the ground  becomes less.
    (B) so that constructing the wall – is easy.
    (C) so that the walls look beautiful.
    (D) None of these

    15. A man ,can hear the sound of frequency.
    (A) 1 Hz    (B) 1000 Hz    (C) 200 kHz    (D) 5 MHz

    7 A hydrometer IS used to measure the following  quantity of  Liquid
    (A) Density        (B) Volume .    (C) Relative density    (D) Pressure
    18. On Fahrenheit scale, the boiling point of water is
    (A) 100°F    (C) 212 °F    (B) 98.7 °F    (D) 220 °F   
    19. The image formed by a plane mirror is
    (A) Erect and diminished        (B) Erect and enlarged
    (C) Inverted mid of same size     (D) Erect and of same size

    20. Two plane mirrors are placed making an angle of 60° in between them. For an object placed in between the
    Mirrors, the number of images formed will be -
    (A) 3 (B) 5    (e) 6 (D) Infinite

    21 A real and enlarged image can be obtained by using
    (A) Convex mirror    (B) plane mirror     (C) concave mirror    (D) convex and plane mirror

    Download complete question paper in PDF file will also upload question paper solution and answer key of SET A, SET B, SET C and Set D series. Candidates are advised that subscribe their email ID for receiving the answer sheet of Up Polytechnic pravesh pariksha 6 June 2022 

    Answer key of mathematics section SET A
    52 A    53 B     54 C     55 A    56 B     57 A    58 A    59 A    60 B     61 D    62 C     63 C     64 A     65 A     66 D     67 B    68 B    69 C     70 B     71 B    72 A    73 C    74 A     75 B     76 C    77 D     78 A    79 A      80 B    81 C    82A      83 C     84 A   85 D    86 A     87C     88 D     89D     90A  91B       92B     93C      94B      95A      96A     97B      98C     99A      100A

    Above answer key is published for Booklet Code A series of mathematics portion. Answer key of other questions and other section will be updated here very soon. Above answer key Is just published here for instant use only. If you found and wrong answer you can posts you correct answer with logic. 
    When official answer key will be uploaded by JEECUP it will be also published here. 

    UP Polytechnic Entrance exam Question paper will be updated here after the examination date 6 June to 12 June 2022 you can subscribe your email for receiving the latest Update. 

    Official Answer key  will be Update : 13 June to 15 June 2022

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