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Uttar pradesh public service commission conducted a state level mains examination for combined judicial service civil Judge junior Division examination 2022. UP lok sewa ayog PCS J Main Examination was held on jan 2019 at Lucknow and Allahabad district.
Commission conducted General Knowledge GK / general awareness question paper of Civil Judge mains examination on January 2019. brought exclusive question paper of Civil Judge Mukhya bharti pariksha 2018 -2019. Hope following question paper will be helpful in the preparation of your upcoming judicial service examination, APO, RO /ARO of HC UP and UPPSC as well as other civil services competitive examination. You can download question paper in PDF format in Hindi and English language.


Last 10 Year UPPSC PCS Pre And Mains Examination Question Paper with Official Answer key  

Time Allowed: Three Hours I Maximum Marks: 200 I
All questions are compulsory.
Marks carried by each question are indicated against it.
Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.

1 a) Write down the names of five main Committees of Indian Constituent Assembly
and their Chairmen. (Word limit: 40) 5
(b) In which Article of the Constitution 'Rights of Freedom' are described? How
many and which types of freedoms are there in original Constitution? In which
Article, 'Freedom of Press' is included? (Word limit: 40) 5
(c) Describe in brie'f the appointment procedure and jurisdiction of 'Lokayukta'.
(Word limit: 40) 5
(D) What is 'Public Interest Litigation'? Describe its significances. (Word limit: 40) 5

2 Critically analyze the following (Word limit: 75 each):
a)       Visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Laos and Vietnam (September 2016) 5
b)      27th NATO Summit 5
c)      Kaveri River Water Dispute 5
d)      India in Rio Paralympic Games, 2016 5

a)       What was the meaning of 'Renaissance'? Which duration of history is called 'Period of Renaissance'? (Word limit: 75) 5
b)      Discuss in brief the role of Rabindranath Tagore in Banga-Bhanga Movement. (Word limit : 75) 5
c)      Discuss in brief the role of Gandhiji after Chauri-Chaura incident.(Word limit: 75) 5
d)      What was 'Kamraj Plan'? Which six Central Ministers' resignations were accepted under this Plan? (Word limit: 75) 5

4 Write notes on the following (Word limit : 75 each) 20
a)       GSAT-18
b)      Trinetra
c)      Sachet Portal
d)      Himayat Karyakram

5 A Write the names of the persons honoured by the following awards : 5
         i.            Nobel Prize for Peace, 2016
       ii.            Ekalavya Puraskar, 2016
      iii.            Arjuna Puraskar (Cricket), 2016
     iv.            Continuous Development Leadership Award, 2016
       v.            Deenabandhu Sahoo (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) Award, 2016

B. Which personality is also sub-named (or titled) as the following? 5
  1. Missileman
  2. Lok Nayak
  3. Frontier Gandhi
  4. Iron Man (Loh Purush)
  5. Punjab Kesari
C Write the full forms of t~ following abbreviations :5
  1. MOM
  2. AlCTE
  3. RADAR
  5. WHO
D Who are the authors of the following books? 5
  1. Ashoka in Ancient India
  2. Citizen and Society
  3. All That Man Is
  4. One Indian Girl
  5. Modi's Midas Touch in Foreign Policy
a)       Write down the following levels (spheres) of atmosphere in ascending order of heights: 5 Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ozonosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere
b)      On the basis of Indian Census, 2011, arrange the four most literate States-Goa, Kerala, . Tripura and Mizoram in descending order. 5
c)      Under the Scheme of 'Swarnim Chaturbhuj Yojana', which four cosmopolitan cities are being planned to be connected by a National Highway? How much shall be the total length of this Highway? 5
d)      Write down the names of Central Universities located in UP (in chronological  5

7  Throw light on the main points of the following Schemes (Word limit: 75 each) : 20
a)       'Income Declaration Scheme' of Central Government
b)      'Samajvadi Pension Scheme' of UP Government
c)      'Lado Rani Yojana'. of Rajasthan Government
d)      'Pashudhan Bima Yojana' (Livestock Insurance Scheme) of Haryana Government
8. a) What is Goods and Services Tax (GST) Constitution Amendment Bill? Which Central taxes are being included in it? What are the expectations from Information Technology for its implementation? (Word limit: 200) 10
B) Give brief information about the following (Word limit : 40 each))
        I.      The Technology Institutions (Amendment) Act, 2016 5
     II.      The Maternity Leave (Amendment) Bill, 2016 5
9 A Why have the following places been in news recently? (Word limit : 30 each) 10
              I.      Bhabhra (Madhya Pradesh)
           II.      Charkhi Dadri (Haryana)
         III.      Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh)
         IV.      Chaubatia (Uttarakhand)
            V.      Uri (Jammu-Kashmir)

B . Why have the following personalities been in . n ews recently? (Word limit : 30 each) 10
              I.      Urjjit R. Patel
           II.      Pushpa Kamal Dahal
         III.      Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale
         IV.      Irom Chanu Sharmila
            V.      Anurag Thakur

10. (a) How many types of Courts are there in a district according to district level judicial system? Name them and discuss briefly their jurisdictions. (WQrd limit: 150) 10
B  ) Who said the following statements? 5
              I.      "1857 Revolution was not a Military Revolt rather it was a real National Revolution."
           II.      "InqIab Jindabad."
         III.      "Feel proud in announcing that we are Indian and every Indian is our brother."
         IV.      "Freedom is our birthright and we shall certainly get it."
HC Allahabad            V.      "If country divides, it shall be on my dead body."

C . Describe in brief about the following (Word limit : 40 each) 5
              I.      Ug99
           II.      God particle
         III.      IPC
         IV.      CRPC
            V.      DNA

Download UP PCS J General Knowledge Solved Question paper / Question paper Solution / answer key Judicial service examination 2016 GK/ GS / samanya gyan , Samanya adhyayan

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