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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Free hand pump Up government scheme For Village

Chief Minister of Uttar pradesh continuously working in the welfare of citizen of rural and urban areas.  According to latest news of information and public relation department of UP , now each MLA / MLC and recommend 100 hand pump in their concerned assembly / Constituency .  These scheme was launched by UP Cm. MLA and MLC of   of Up can also recommend for 10 lohia Awas . reboaring of free hand pump yojana will be available for only poor families.
CM of UP now given following recommendation right to MLA / MLC of UP.
Each MLA can recommend 100 hand pump re boring free of cost for poor families. 
MLA can recommend 10 lohia Awas in their constituency. 
In each assembly constituency, MLA can build /maintenance 8 Km Hot Mix Road under the MLA quota. 
Pension of ex MLA will be 12000 per month and previously its was 10000 per month. 
During assembly session stipend of the eply will be increase for 7500 to 8000 .
MLA can also select Lohia gram of their constituency. 

CM of Up al said that agar luknow express way will be started from October 2016.
Lucknow metro rail service will be started from December 2016. 
Citizen of UP now benefited by the integrate grievance Redressal system IGRS. 
Dial 100 will also start working very soon.  

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  1. Sir ek handpump k liye apply karna th a......

  2. Sir.ji hendpump humari Villeg mai laga do hum ganda pani pi rahe hi jo ki nukasan karta hi isliye use ubaal kar pi rahe hi disst azamegher tahsil mehnager. Village bachwal(ghatkana)humari help karo

  3. Hi mate yeah bhi lagawa do hum pani ganda garm karke pite hi kafi dikkt hoti hi disst azmeghar tahasil mehanger. Villege bachwal (ghatkana)help this vilege