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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Shiksha Mitra court Case latest News Hindi 22 February 2017

Finally which was expected in the matter of Shiksha Mitra SM Samayojan in state of Uttar Pradesh on the posts of assistant teacher in government primary schools of Up , has been dismissed by High Court Allahabad . Today HC Allahabad has given final Decision on SM Samayojan on the posts of Sahayak Adhyapak in Parishadiya vidyalaya of basic shiksha parishad.  Supreme court and high Court Allahabad very seriously worked on this matter and heard this matter continuously on this matter. After that court today has passed final decision against shiksha Mitra and policy of State government of UP. Court said SM Samayojan is illegal and they cant be appointed on the posts of assistant teacher . court declared adjustment of SM is unconstitutional. Court also clarify that for giving relaxation in appointment of teacher in not a legal right of state government. on the other hand court also said that training of shiksha Mitra through Distance education is also illegal way of Teacher Training. 
Important point of this court decisions as are following
  • Samayojan of shiksha Mitra is illegal 
  • Samayojan of SM has been dismissed .
  • Decision of Shiksha Mitra is unconstitutional . 
  • Government have not right of giving relaxation in teacher Appointment .
  • Two year Distance BTC training is also Illegal and dismissed.
First time full bench court open today on holiday .according to court decision , giving relaxation in rule of teacher appointment is the right of NCTE instead of state government. So amendment of teacher service rule which was done for SM is now ineffective . 
After declaring Two Distance education BTC training illegal , now SM teacher will not eligible for any further  recruitment of teacher  .  I think after declaring Distance education BTC, SM cant fill application form for TET . 

See this Latest News in HINDI of SM Samayojan and Court Decision News Results 2015

summery of SM order

The salient aspects of the Shiksha Mitra scheme were as follows:

(i) The appointment of Shiksha Mitras was to be against the payment of an honorarium;

(ii) The appointment was to be for a period of eleven months renewable for satisfactory performance;

(iii) The educational qualifications would be of the intermediate level;

(iv) The unit of selection would be the village where the school is situated and in the event that a qualified candidate was not available in the village, the unit could be extended to the jurisdiction of the Nyay Panchayat;

(v) The services of a Shiksha Mitra could be terminated for want of satisfactory performance;

(vi) Selection was to be made at the village level by the Village Education Committee; and

(vii) The scheme envisaged the constitution, at the district level, of a Committee presided over by the District

Magistrate and consisting, inter alia, of the Panchayat Raj Officer and the District Basic Education Officer among other members to oversee implementation;
Download Court Case order in PDF Siksha Mitra Matter in High Court order Direct Download PDF Link
Read Siksha mitra order in hindi Via using Google Translator 

Siksha mitra Supreme Court Case Update :26 August 2016
शिक्षामित्र और 72825 केस को मिली अगली डेट: कोर्ट ने सुनवाई के बाद अगली तारीख 23 नवम्बर निर्धारित की
Sc मे अगली तारीख 23 नवम्बर !
आज माननीय सर्वोच्च न्यायालय मे शिक्षा मित्र मामले की सुनवाई कोर्ट नम्बर 4 आईटम नम्बर 14 पर हुई ! कोर्ट ने सुनवाई के बाद अगली तारीख 23 नवम्बर निर्धारित की है !
हाई कोर्ट के आदेश पर रोक रहेगी जारी
शिक्षामित्र समायोजन और 72825 प्रशिक्षु शिक्षक भर्ती केस हुआ अलग अलग।
 शिक्षामित्र समायोजन मामले की अगली तारीख 23 नवम्बर तय। 
72825 भर्ती में सरकार को चार सप्ताह में काउंटर एफेडेविट लगाने का निर्देश। याची मामले को डिटैग करने पर बहस हो रही।
 72825 पर सुनवाई 05 अक्टूबर को।

Shiksha Mitra court Case latest News Hindi High Court Decision HC Judgment 24 February 2016
siksha mitra result all semester all batch 2016 
SM Shiksha Mitra Smayojan Recruitment 2016

Download Supreme Court STAY order  on Siksha mitra case : 
Page 1 page 2 : page 3 Page 4 Page 5

 ShikshaMitra court Case latest News Hindi 22 February 2017 will be Updated here
 ShikshaMitra court Case latest News Hindi 22 February 2017

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  1. Now,I can see that there is no future of government school students(primary) because they will teach by those , who knows nothing. It is better if government assign educated people and also include sports activities in schools.I'm worried because i have seen this. So please whoever see this post, at least try send a message to government somehow.

  2. This is very disappointing decision of state govt. which not only illegal and also destroy the future of students of govt. schools, they are not able to provide class education but also a big threat to knowledge’le teacher who are trying to educate students, he use illegal influence on regular teacher’s on the basis of locality and dabangai.