Deposit House Tax Online Prayagraj city OTS Scheme get rebate in House Tax

 There are 50 thousand such building owners in Prayagraj city, who are taking urban area facilities. But since last 10 years house tax has not been deposited. To collect the house tax, notices were sent to all of them by the Municipal Corporation about three dozen times, but till date they have not deposited the house tax.

One-time settlement scheme (OTS) was launched by the Municipal Corporation in January for the convenience of such defaulters. In urban areas, 1.25 lakh people are covered under house tax. Out of this, around 70 thousand collect house tax. This gives the Municipal Corporation a revenue of Rs 80 crore more.

Now strict action will be taken against them. After March 10, attachment notices will be pasted on the houses of these defaulters.

What is Prayagraj One Time Solution Scheme OTS

 Under the one-time settlement scheme, special camps are organized in all the zones and wards to deposit interest free house tax to the building owners.

  Apart from the national festival, the facility of depositing house tax is being made available to the building owners by setting up similar camps on other holidays.

 Interest free house tax can be deposited till 31st March.

Under the one-time settlement scheme (OTS) of Prayagraj Municipal Corporation, the landlord can get the benefit of interest waiver by making a lump sum amount of his entire outstanding house tax. This scheme is applicable till March 31, 2022.

who will get benefit of OTS Scheme

• All residential buildings.

• Hostels and educational institutions not covered under clause (c) of section 177 of the Act.

• Industrial units and public undertakings.

 • Government and semi-government offices.

• Shops up to 200 sq. ft only (excluding shops in the said area of ​​malls and plazas)

The above-mentioned building owners/taxpayers should take advantage of the interest waiver payable by depositing the entire outstanding house tax amount in one lump-sum by March 31, 2022.

how to pay House Tax online

Through Prayagraj One City App, online house tax can be paid online sitting at home.

 Download App

Pay the house tax through the following means

 Prayagraj One City App (Download)

Through Net Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card / Bhim App / Gpay / UPI / GPay / Paytm, you can pay the house tax sitting at home.

For payment by cash / check, you can contact Headquarter / Zone Office and Departmental Revenue Inspector / Tax Collector.

For any query call on toll free number 1920.

Pay interest free house tax under one time settlement scheme.

 The interest payable will be waived off by the building owner/tax payer only after depositing the entire outstanding tax amount in one lump sum.

Surcharge of Jalkar will not be covered under Municipal Corporation OTS scheme.

The government will not reimburse any amount due to the implementation of the said OTS scheme by the Municipal Corporation Prayagraj.

 The one-time settlement scheme (OTS) in question will be effective from the date of issue of the mandate till March 31, 2022.

The recovery of outstanding house tax will be ensured by running a campaign by the Municipal Corporation, Prayagraj.

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