What is Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme - Get Subsidy in your Bank

 In Uttar Pradesh, if you get solar panels installed on your roof, then the government will give you the facility of subsidy directly in the bank account. You can get solar panels installed from any vendor. To get the subsidy of solar panel, one has to apply on the online portal. For this, a national portal will be prepared in two months.

What is Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme

To promote solar power, the government is making the process of installing solar panels on the roof easy. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is preparing a National Portal for Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme. Through this subsidy will be given directly to the consumer's account for installing solar panels on the roof of residential houses.

The consumer will be informed in advance that the amount will be given to him as subsidy. At present, residential consumers get the benefit of this subsidy through electricity distribution companies (discoms). Now consumers can get solar panels installed on roofs from any vendor of their choice.

According to the Ministry of MNRE, a national portal will be prepared in the next one and a half to two months. Consumers willing to install solar panels on this can apply. Approval of their application and all other processes will be completed on that portal itself.

 According to the ministry, a portal like the national portal will be created for discoms and both the portals will be linked. While applying for the installation of solar panels, the applicant will also have to give detailed details of his bank account.

Discom will give technical report within 15 days. After this, the consumer will be able to get the solar panels installed from the vendor of his choice.

After installing the solar panels, the consumer will have to apply for net metering. After the installation of net metering, the report of the installation of solar panels will be given by the DISCOM on the national portal. After this the amount of subsidy will be sent to the account of the consumer.

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