E Shram Card me paisa kaise check kare Labor Portal Check 1000 Fund Status

 e shram card me paisa kaise check kare

A very ambitious scheme which is called Shram Card or Labor Card is being operated by the Ministry of Labor. Under this, the central government is sending a certain amount to the accounts of all the unorganized sector labourers. Along with this, the facility of insurance is also being provided to the eligible workers under this scheme. Till now, about ₹ 1000 is being sent to the account by the government.

You can also check the status of the amount received under the labor card in your account online. ₹ 1000 is being sent by the central government to the workers' account.

If you have also got your labor card made, then ₹ 1000 will be deposited in your account from the central government. You can check your payment using the methods given below.

You have to create an account on the labor portal, for this you go to the link given below, after that as soon as you click on the labor portal, you can log in to the online account of your labor card.

Maintenance allowance has been issued in the account of workers holding labor cards in Uttar Pradesh, whoever qualifies for this allowance, ₹ 1000 is being deposited by the state government in their account. ₹ 500 per month will be paid to the workers by the Uttar Pradesh government and ₹ 1000 will be deposited in the account of the workers on behalf of the central government.

₹ 1000 will be transferred in E Shram Account

The Uttar Pradesh government has collected the details of all the unorganized sector workers to deposit ₹ 1000 in the workers' account. This money is being sent to the account of workers of the unorganized sector since the last month of December. About 2 crores will get the benefit of this scheme. Out of this, each worker will get ₹ 1000.

 This scheme is being operated under Direct Benefit Scheme DBT, ie or money will be sent directly to the workers' account.

Who will get the benefit of this scheme

The benefit of the labor card will be given only to the workers of the unorganized sector, such as cooks, street workers, rickshaw drivers, handcart drivers, barbers, washermen, tailors, cobblers, fruit vegetable traders, milk sellers are included.

Along with this, utensils washing workers are also included under this.

Other facilities that will be available under the labor card

The best thing under this scheme is that the worker will be given accident insurance of up to ₹ 200000, that is, if the worker dies and you have a labor card, then ₹ 200000 will be paid by the government.

Along with this, there is a possibility that the central government can also give further pension to the beneficiaries under this scheme.

Apart from this, expenses will also be given for the maintenance of pregnant women.

Funds will be given by the government for the construction of the house.

The government will also provide financial help for the education of the children.

how to check labor card labor card money

 If money has been sent in your account by the Central Government through DBT through the e-shram portal, then you can check its status online.

First of all, its message will be sent on the mobile number linked in your account. So you go to the inbox of the message and see whether the amount of ₹ 1000 has been received in it or not.

If your mobile number is not linked with the account, then you can go to your bank or post office to find out whether the money has been transferred to your account through DBT or not.

After that you can also find out whether the money has come in your account or not by making an entry in the passbook.

Apart from this, if you use facilities like online ones such as Google Paytm and UPI, then you can also see your last 5 transactions through UPI.

Along with this, you can also know your status by logging on to the labor portal.

You can check more important information about this scheme by clicking on the link given below.

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