e-shram card - accident insurance, medical benefits 500 Per Month Scheme Details e-shram portal

 Information about accident insurance, medical benefits from e-shram card

  By registering on the e-shram portal, the beneficiaries will get the benefit of three schemes. Under the Chief Minister Accident Insurance Scheme, the person enrolled with the e-shram card gets free medical and corona maintenance allowance up to Rs 5 lakh under the Chief Minister Jan Arogya Yojana.

Question: What is the difference between Building and Other Construction Workers Board and E-Shram Card.

Answer: Workers in the unorganized sector come under e-shram. Part of this is the Building and Other Construction Workers Board. E-Shram consists of three schemes.

Question: The card made from the Building and Other Construction Workers Board. When is it renewed?

Answer: The card is issued for another three years. The card has to be renewed after the stipulated time. Registration is free for about a year and a half.

Question: E-shram card has been made. The money didn't come.

Answer: Whose card was generated till 31 October 2021. His first installment has been released. Work on the rest is underway. Those with Shram Card and E-Shram Card will also get money.

Question: What is the utility of e-shram card?

Answer: All the unorganized workers. Government prepares their database

Still working. With this card, people can be tracked and helped when they need it.

Question: Will get five hundred rupees per month from e-shram card?

Answer: There is no fee in this. The money has arrived in the account of the registered beneficiaries till October 31.

Question: The form of the Building and Other Construction Workers Board is filled. There is no Good in it.

Answer: There are 16 schemes in this. The beneficiary gets the benefit of the scheme, the money goes directly into their account. There is no material in it.

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