Delete e-Shram card E Shram Card Cancel Kaise Kare if Not Eligible

 Can e-Shram card be deleted once generated?

Then recently, no facility to delete labor card has been provided by the government itself.

Can the government in future provide the facility to delete the labor card on the online e-shram portal?

There is a possibility that within 2 to 3 months this facility can be given to all the workers on the portal.

Can online correction be done in e-shram card?

 Yes, you can get correction done online in e-shram card.

E-Shram Card is an important scheme of the Government of India. Under this scheme, the benefits of various types of government schemes are given to the workers of the unorganized sector by the central government, but such employees and citizens who are not working in the unorganized sectors have also got their own e-labor card made. But now he wants to cancel or delete it, but no such facility has been made available online on the portal. Using which you can delete the e-shram card.

For some greediness, to take advantage of government schemes, we have made e-shram cards forcibly, but we are not working in any unorganized sector, then in such a situation you will have to surrender the e-shram card. Otherwise, you will have to return the money and facilities received from the government, which can be very expensive.

Therefore, if you have also got the e-shram card made in the wrong way, then delete it immediately.

How to know whether we are eligible or not for e-shram card

 By clicking on the link given below, you can know which worker has been given this facility. By going to Occupation, you can get information about your employment being in the unorganized sector, only employees and workers of the unorganized sector are being given the benefit of this scheme.

Important information about e-shram card scheme

This scheme is being operated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. In this, the workers brothers and sisters of the unorganized sector will get the benefit of this scheme. Under this, the main goal of this scheme is to provide security to the labor brother in social and economic life.

Major benefits available under this scheme

Under the scheme, financial assistance of ₹ 200000 is provided to the suffering worker if he is permanent or disabled and ₹ 100000 in case of temporary disability.

Can I cancel e-shram card?

If you want to cancel e-shram card, then this facility is not being given to you right now, as soon as this facility is available to you, we will update it here. Using which you can cancel your e-shram card. You can avail this facility by visiting the website given below and or else you can get more solution by clicking on the phone number given below.

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Problems caused by False /Fake e-shram card

If you are preparing for any exam, student, then you may face a lot of problem in future in other facilities like job, scholarship. So don't make fun of your bright future by getting greedy and if you are not eligible then get it deleted immediately.

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